Disguised Toast roasts incompetent Pokemon Legends Arceus Galaxy team

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Disguised Toast Pokemon Legends Arceus
Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

Disguised Toast has called out Galaxy Team during his Pokemon Legends Arceus playthrough, roasting the expedition team for their incompetence. 

Pokemon Legends Arceus takes place at a time when humans and monsters lived apart from one another. In fact, these creatures often pose a huge threat to the denizens of Jubilife Village. This is largely down to the lack of information and overall understanding towards the Pokemon that inhabit the Hisui region. 

Fortunately, the Galaxy Expedition Team aims to bridge the gap between man and ‘Mon by sending out intrepid explorers into the wilderness. As a fledgling member of the game’s Survey Corps, players must capture and document Pokemon for the region’s first-ever Pokedex. 

However, Disguised Toast wasn’t exactly impressed when he discovered the requirements needed to join this elite team. 

Disguised Toast roasts Pokemon Legends Arceus Galaxy Team

Pokemon Legends Arceus Galaxy Team
Game Freak/Pokemon Company
Disguised Toast had a few things to say about Galaxy Team.

Galaxy Team is at the very helm of Pokemon research in the Hisui region. It is made of several elite units, which aim to both documents and keep the people of Jubilife Village safe from the monsters that roam the wildlands beyond the walls. 

One of the most important roles within the team is the Survey Corps – a group of elite Pokemon trainers who are tasked with going out into the wild to both explore and document the local fauna. 

Despite their high ranking status within the community, Galaxy Team has never managed to catch three different species of Pokemon. “Wait, no one on this elite Pokemon catching team has ever caught three Pokemon,” replied Toast. 

“I don’t want to be part of your team,” laughed the streamer. “No one has managed that? Like, not even you captain?” While the Galaxy Team Survey Corps members may be incompetent, Toast has been busy filling his Pokedex with all kinds of colorful critters. 

So far, he has been busy catching shiny Pokemon and even taking down the game’s boss encounters. Make sure you check out his official Twitch stream to keep up to date with his Legends Arceus playthrough. 

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