All Wisp locations in Pokemon Legends Arceus & how to get Spiritomb

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Finding every Wisp location in Pokemon Legends Arceus is essential to completing the Eerie Apparitions in the Night request and catching the elusive Spiritomb.

There are loads of collectibles to keep you busy in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but the most time-consuming of all is without a doubt the mysterious purple Wisps that appear across the Hisui region.

You’ll be tasked with finding all of these Wisps to complete Request 22: Eerie Apparitions at Night, with loads of rewards up for grabs along the way including an encounter with Spiritomb themself.

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Below, we’ve got details of every single Wisp location across the Hisui region, the rewards you can earn for collecting them, and finally, how to find your very own Spiritomb.


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These are what Wisps look like, so keep an eye out for them!

All Wisp locations in Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are 107 Wisps spread out across every area in Pokemon Legends Arceus, including Jubilife Village, so you’ll need to check everywhere thoroughly. Searching at night can help, as they’ll be easier to spot.

You’ll also need to unlock rideable Pokemon like Sneasler and Hisuian Braviary in order to access certain Wisps, as many of them are inaccessible by foot – especially ones that are found in high up places.

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To help you out, we’ve marked all of the Pokemon Legends Arceus Wisp locations with yellow stars on the maps below:

Jubilife Village Wisp locations

Wisp locations in Jubilife Village

Obsidian Fieldlands Wisp locations

Wisp locations in Obsidian Fieldlands

Crimson Mirelands Wisp locations

Wisp locations in Crimson Mirelands

Cobalt Coastlands Wisp locations

Wisp locations in Cobalt Coastlands

Coronet Highlands Wisp locations

Wisp locations in Coronet Highlands

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Alabaster Icelands Wisp locations

Wisp locations in Alabaster Icelands

Wisp rewards in Pokemon Legends Arceus

When you’ve collected enough Wisps in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’ll be able to claim rewards from Nessa back in Jubilife Village. These are tiered rewards that get much better as you progress.

Here are all of the rewards you can get from collecting Wisps:

Amount of Wisps Reward
5 Wisps Oval Stone
10 Wisps Rare Candy
20 Wisps Seed of Mastery
30 Wisps Dusk Stone
40 Wisps Exp. Candy L
50 Wisps Linking Cord
60 Wisps 5 Grit Pebbles
70 Wisps Scrap of Reaper Cloth
80 Wisps 3 Seeds of Mastery
90 Wisps 3 Exp. Candy XL
100 Wisps 3 Grit Rocks

How to find Spiritomb in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Spiritomb in Pokemon Legends ArceusThe Pokemon Company
The Forbidden Pokemon, Spiritomb, is your final reward for collecting Wisps.

Once you’ve collected all 107 Wisps across the Hisui region, you’ll be able to encounter Spiritomb in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

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Head back to Jubilife Village and speak to Nessa, who will instruct you to meet her at the Shrouded Ruins. Just like when you were collecting Wisps, make sure you do this at night time, or she won’t be there.

When you find Nessa, she’ll inform you that there’s actually one more Wisp to collect, making 108 of them in total. Approach the Wisp, interact with it as you did with the others, and a wild Spiritomb will appear.

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Unlike other Pokemon that appear in the wild, this is the only chance you’ll get to catch Spiritomb, so make sure you save before starting the encounter and try not to accidentally defeat it in battle.

To summarize:

  1. Obtain all Wisps
  2. Speak to Nessa in Jubilife Village when you’ve done so
  3. Meet at her the Shrouded Ruins at night
  4. Encounter the final wisp
  5. Catch Spiritomb

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