Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get Pearls & farming locations

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Where to find pearls in dreamlight valley

Pearls are an essential resource introduced in Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s A Rift in Time DLC. Here’s where to find them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s paid expansion added the Eternity Isle for players to explore. The vast region provided more locations with never-before-seen resources for you to gather. Consequently, you can cook more recipes and craft more items.

A Rift in Time not only introduced more foraged materials but has continued to bring along new characters, like Rapunzel, Gaston, and EVE.

If you’re wondering where to find Pearls to complete a few quests, keep reading for more information.


Where to find Pearls in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ancient's Landing in Disney Dreamlight Valley
You can find Pearls in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Ancient’s Landing.

Pearls can be found in the following areas of Eternity Isle’s Ancient’s Landing biome:

  • The Docks
  • The Courtyard
  • The Overlook
  • The Ruins

To access Pearls, you must purchase the A Rift in Time DLC. You won’t need to purchase The Docks or The Courtyard as they come for free after you land in Eternity Isle. However, you must complete Jafar’s first quest, The Secrets of Eternity Isles.

As for the two remaining areas, you must gather 6,000 Mist to unlock The Overlook and 10,000 for The Ruins.

How to get Pearls in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After buying the DLC and traveling to Ancient’s Landing, head to any of the previously mentioned regions with your Royal Shovel. Next, you’ll have to dig several holes to find Pearls, as the resource isn’t guaranteed.

If you want to guarantee getting multiple Pearls, bring along a villager who specializes in the Digging role.

What are Pearls used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Pearls can be used in recipes to craft Pebble Paths and Shovel Potions. The latter is necessary for upgrading your shovel to remove larger rubble in Ancient’s Landing.

The Large Rubble Shovel Potion is also needed to complete Merlin’s Village Project: Timeless Tools quest.

As for other characters, Scrooge McDuck asks for 24 Pearls for his New Ventures (and Adventures) quest. Also, Oswald‘s An Alarming Development quest requires 28 Pearls to craft four Oswald Black (and White) Coffees.

All Pearl recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The following table contains every recipe that requires Pearls in the game so far:

Precious Amber Pebble Pathx1 Pearl
x1 Amber
x1 Pebble
Precious Pebble Pathx1 Pearl
x1 Pebbles
x1 Jade
Small Rubble Shovel Potionx500 Mist
x10 Pearls
Large Rubble Shovel Potionx3000 Mist
x1 Ancient Core Level 1
x20 Pearls

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