When is Blastoise coming to Pokemon Unite? Release date, moves, Holowear

Pokemon Unite BlastoiseThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Blastoise, the Kanto Water-type starter is coming to Pokemon Unite! Here is everything we know about the ‘mon, from release date to moveset, and its Holowear in the TiMi Studios MOBA.

Originally debuting in Pokemon Unite’s beta, players were surprised when Blastoise didn’t make the final roster cut. While other Pokemon like Sylveon have yet to make their appearance in the game, the popular ‘mon was the only Kanto starter to not be playable at the MOBA‘s launch.

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The Water-type character’s moves have now been fully datamined, and a snazzy Holowear skin has been uncovered along with official news on a release date.


Pokemon Unite upcoming character teaseThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Blastoise is heading to Pokemon Unite very soon!

Blastoise release date in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise will be available for Trainers to play very soon, starting September 1, 2021!

Before the game’s launch, TiMi Studios teased that Blastoise and Gardevoir would be the next ‘mon to be added to the MOBA. Gardevoir made its debut at the end of July, and we’re now seeing Blastoise head to the game about a month later.

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Blastoise moveset

Move Unlocked At Description
Torrent, Passive Ability When at half HP, or less, gain Attack and Sp. Atk damage.
Skull Bash Level 1 -3  –
Water Gun Level 1-3
Hydro Pump Level 5 Shoot a stream of water, knocking back enemies. The enemy knocked back the furthest is stunned.
Water Spout Level 5 Shoot water towards the targeted location, slowing enemies in the area for the duration.
Rapid Spin Level 7 Retract into your shell, strengthening your basic attacks and spraying moves.
Surf Level 7 Charge forward on a wave, knocking back enemies in your path and leaving them stunned.
Hydro Typhoon  Unite Move Spout water while spinning and knockback enemies in a large area. Gain a shield while using this move.

Though this moveset may change ahead of release, it’s an exciting look at what is possibly in store for the ‘mon.

We’re still unsure just exactly what class Blastoise will be a part of in Pokemon Unite, too, but the Kanto starter’s tanky moveset certainly hints towards the likes of being a Defender.

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Beta gameplayThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Blastoise was briefly available in the Unite’s Beta before launch.

Blastoise Holowear Pokemon Unite

Although it’s not made clear whether Blastoise will launch with a Holowear skin, Dataminers recently uncovered its first skin in the free-to-play MOBA.

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The turtle looks pretty snazzy while wearing a white hat and green vest. Based on other Pokemon having a similar design, we assume this will be the ‘Fashion-Style’ skin.

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about Blastoise joining Pokemon Unite’s roster.

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