Best Cramorant build Pokemon Unite – Moves, Battle & Held Items

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Cramorant may look quirky, but it’s actually one of the most overpowered characters in Pokemon Unite when using the right build, Held Items, and moves. Here is the best Cramorant build that will have you destroying enemies in no time. 

In Pokemon Unite, the Attacker class is used to put relentless pressure on the opposing team. Despite its deceptive design, Cramorant has quickly become one of the deadliest characters in the MOBA, striking fear in any player who faces off against it.

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The Galar bird turns into a complete nightmare when using a specific set of Held Items and moves. Here is a breakdown of how to make the Gen 8 newcomer an unstoppable threat that will have your opponents running away.


Cramorant Pokemon Unite profile stats pageThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Galar bird is insanely powerful in Unite.

Best Cramorant build in Pokemon Unite

These are some definite choices when it comes to which moveset and path to run as Cramorant, as well as Battle and Held Items to really take advantage of the bird Pokemon’s Attacker-based stats.

Cramorant moveset

Move Unlocked At Upgrade Level
Whirlpool Pokemon Unite Whirlpool Level 1 Level 4: Upgrades to either Dive or Surf
Pokemon Go Cramorant Air Slash Air Slash Level 4 Level 11: Restores the user’s HP every time a blade of air hits an opposing Pokemon
Surf Cramorant Pokemon Unite Surf Level 6 Level 13: Increases the damage dealt by Hex.
Cramorant Gatling Gulp Pokemon Go move Gatling Gulp Missile Level 9

Cramorant has one of the most overpowered moves at the start of the match in Whirlpool. Trainers should pick the attack first at Level 1, and use it to nuke both neutral enemies and opponents foolish enough to step in the ring of water. The attack is incredibly useful when enemies run to their goal point to restore HP, as placing it on the ground where they need to stand to heal will finish them off.

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After hitting Level 4, players should choose Air Slash for their next ability. The strategy from this point in the game is to keep dropping Whirlpool on opponents to deplete their health and then trigger Air Slash to finish them off. The great thing about the move is that it also pushes the Sword & Shield Pokemon backward, making it a good escape from intense situations.

Finally, at Level 6, Trainers should pick Surf as their final move. Not only does the attack hit opponents from the front, the wave actually returns and smacks them on the back, sending them flying towards you. This move destroys enemy HP, while also trapping them from escaping. Once you hit Level 11, Air Slash will get its upgrade where each blade of wind that hits heals your HP a substantial amount.

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Despite being a completely quirky bird, Cramorant is an absolute monster in Pokemon Unite. The character’s relentless Whirlpool and Surf attacks will leave opponents drained of all their energy, and more importantly, their HP.

Best Cramorant Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Held Item What it Does Max Stat Boosts
Pokemon Unite Shell Bell item Shell Bell Heals HP every time you attack a wild Pokemon and opponents. Sp Attack + 24

Cooldown – 4.5%

Pokemon Unite Sp Atk specs item Sp. Atk. Specs Increases Special Attack every time you score, up to 6 times. Sp Attack +24
Pokemon Unite Wise Glasses item Wise Glasses Increases Special Attack. Sp. Attack +39
  • Shell Bell: Not only does it increase the Sp. Atk stat again, it also heals HP when a move hits. Sounds familiar? When paired with the level 11 upgraded Air Slash, which also heals, the bird starts to self-heal an insane amount.
  • Sp. Atk. Specs: In the early game, Cramorant users will be able to wipe out opponents in their lane in Pokemon Unite with the incredibly powerful Whirlpool attack. This means scoring several times at the start of the match, which in turn increases the Sp. Atk stat each time you turn in a goal.
  • Wise Glasses: Like other heavy hitters such as Gengar, Cramorant depends largely on its special attacks. This is why we recommend choosing Wise Glasses as your first Held Item. It increases your Sp. Atk stat by quite a bit, which will massively boost the Pokemon’s Surf attack and Air Slash.

Best Cramorant Battle Item in Pokemon Unite

Held Item What it Does Unlocked At
Eject Button Eject Button Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction. Trainer Level 11
X Attack X-Attack Raises your Pokemon’s Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time. Trainer Level 7
  • Eject Button: This Battle Item is the item to use for the Galar ‘mon, giving it a much-needed escape plan where necessary. When paired with Air Slash at level 4, the Sword & Shield character becomes incredibly mobile and is able to slip away from enemies trying to flank it.
  • X-Attack: While we recommend using Eject Button, those feeling confident and wanting to play an aggressive Cramorant can absolutely use an X Attack before triggering its moves.

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Cramorant Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3292 134 60 50 40 3700
2 3299 139 69 75 46
3 3517 145 78 102 52
4 3647 151 88 132 59
5 3789 158 99 165 67
6 3946 166 112 201 75
7 4118 175 126 240 84
8 4308 185 141 283 94
9 4517 196 158 331 105
10 4758 208 176 384 117
11 5002 221 196 442 131
12 5281 235 218 506 146
13 5589 250 243 576 162
14 5928 267 270 654 180
15 6301 286 300 739 200
Cramorant Pokemon UniteThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Keep constant watch of Cramorant’s health to avoid being taken down quickly.

How to play Cramorant

  • Cramorant does not have much HP, so you’ll struggle to venture out into the arena on your own. Instead, keep close to the likes of Defenders such as Slowbro.
  • Make sure that you’re fully aware of your Pokemon’s cooldowns, and react accordingly. Due to its low HP, one wrong move can turn the tide of battle in a flash.
  • When using Cramorant’s Unite move, it’ll be unable to move. Make sure you save this for just the right moment to avoid wasting its devastating potential. It’s ideal to use when you’re surrounded by allies to take some of the heat off of you.
  • Farm Wild Pokemon early on to help you get Air Slash and Surf at Levels 4 and 6.

How to unlock Cramorant in Pokemon Unite

Currently, there’s only one way that you can unlock Cramorant in Pokemon Unite:

  • Purchase the bird ‘mon from the Unite Battle Committee shop for 10,000 Aeons Coins / 575 Aeos Gems

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This is the best build for Cramorant in Pokemon Unite right now, but Trainers should experiment with other move paths and items to see what works best for them.

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