Pokemon Unite best Blissey build – Moveset, items and stats

Brent Koepp
Pokemon Unite Best Blissey Build

With the right moveset and Held Items, Blissey can be a versatile Supporter in Pokemon Unite. Our best build guide will have you saving teammates with ease.

In Pokemon Unite, the Supporter class is filled with characters designed to aid their teammates. Kanto’s Normal-type Blissey is the latest to join their ranks and is one of the MOBA’s tankiest healers next to Eldegoss.

The beloved ‘mon can be used as either a defensive healer or an aggressive attacker, depending on your play style. This guide will take a look at Blissey’s best build in the TiMi Studios mobile and Nintendo Switch multiplayer.

Additional reporting by Ava Thompson-Powell.


Pokemon Unite Blissey Trailer art
The Kanto favorite is healing Supporter.

Best Blissey build Pokemon Unite

From the best moves to use, through to the Battle and Held items you need to take into the fray, we’ve put together everything you need to know to support your teammates to the best of Blissey’s ability.

Blissey moveset

Move Unlocked At Upgrade Level
Blissey Pound Pokemon Unite Pound Level 1 Level 4: Upgrades to Egg Bomb or Helping Hand.
Pokemon Unite Blissey Safeguard Ability icon Safeguard Level 4 Level 12: Grants the designated ally Pokemon a shield.
Pokemon Unite Blissey Helping Hand ability icon Helping Hand Level 6 Level 10: Increases the damage of basic attacks while the move’s effect lasts.
Bliss Assistance Unite move Bliss Assistance (UNITE Move) Level 8

At the start of the match, players will start off with Chansey and obtain both Pound and Heal Pulse early on. Pound should be used to take out neutral enemies, as well as attacking opponents in the lane, as the move both damages opponents and slows their speed down. Heal Pulse will be used alongside it to give HP to both yourself and your lane partner.

When you evolve into Blissey at Level 4, make sure to choose Safeguard. In the late game, Safeguard will be used to remove all status ailments from teammates while also making them immune to crowd control, which is pivotal in final stretch team battles against the likes of Zapdos. When leveled up, the move also gives teammates a shield, acting as the perfect counter to Wigglytuff’s Sing maneuver.

At Level 6, choose Helping Hand, which is vital as it increases both movement and attack speed for you and your ally. This will be incredibly helpful in the mid-game scoring goals, pushing lanes, and taking down Rotem and Drednaw. As a bonus, when the move ends, your basic Attack also becomes boosted.

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Best Blissey Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Held Item What it Does Max Stat Boosts
Buddy Barrier Buddy Barrier When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, that ‘mon and the nearby ally with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to 40% of their max HP. HP + 600
Focus Band Focus Band When the Pokemon drops to low HP, then each second for three seconds, it recovers 8% of the HP it had lost. Def + 30
Sp. Def + 30
muscle band Muscle Band When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased 3% of the opposing Pokemon’s remaining HP. Attack + 15
Basic Attack Speed +7.5%
  • Buddy Barrier: Buddy Barrier is the perfect complement to the likes of Safeguard, with the upgraded version of Safeguard giving teammates a shield. Its Unite move also provides a second shield that stacks when using this Held Item.
  • Focus Band: Blissey’s Unite move, Bliss Assitance, redirects damage towards the user. Focus Band will ensure that you stay alive, giving you much-needed survivability to act as a shield for your teammates.
  • Muscle Band: Although the Normal-type is a heal supporter, it actually falls under the Physical/Melee class of Pokemon, which is why we recommend Muscle Band to boost Blissey’s basic attack, as this also becomes buffed after using the Helping Hand ability.

Best Blissey Battle Items in Pokemon Unite

Battle Item What it Does Unlocked At
Eject Button Eject Button Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction. Trainer Level 11
Slow Smoke Slow Smoke Creates a smokescreen that decreases the movement speed of enemy ‘mon in an area of effect. Trainer Level 13
  • Eject Button: Because Blissey is mainly a supporting character who will heal, the Eject Button battle item will allow it to escape any lane flanks in a pinch. When combined with the speed buff of Helping Hand, it will give the character incredible mobility (with its already high-Speed stat).
  • Slow Smoke: Another item we’d recommend taking into battle is Slow Smoke. This useful item allows you to slow down any enemies in the vicinity around you, making it a perfect choice for letting you quickly move to an ally Pokemon that requires your aid.

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Blissey Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3278 130 40 40 30 3700
2 3247 147 44 52 33
3 3598 152 48 66 36
4 4467 178 69 138 52
5 4694 184 74 157 56
6 4955 192 80 179 61
7 5255 201 87 204 66
8 5600 211 95 233 72
9 5997 223 104 266 79
10 6454 236 115 304 87
11 6980 251 128 348 96
12 7585 269 142 398 107
13 8281 290 159 456 119
14 9081 313 178 523 133
15 10000 341 200 600 149

Pokemon Unite Blissey evolution level

Trainers won’t have too long to wait to play as Blissey during a match, as it will evolve from Chansey early on at Level 4.

Chansey (Level 1) Blissey (Level 4)
Pokemon Unite Chansey Character Icon Pokemon Unite Blissey Character Model

How to unlock Blissey in Pokemon Unite

There are currently two ways to unlock the Normal-type Blissey in Pokemon Unite:

  • Purchase it with 8,000 Aeos Coins from the Unite Battle Committee Shop.
  • Purchase it with 460 Aeos Gems from the Unite Battle Committee Shop.

Best pairs for Blissey in Pokemon Unite

With a strong focus on healing and support, Blissey is best used alongside glass cannons with lower HP and Defense stats like Cinderace and Gardevoir, as it will be able to keep them alive as they take out foes.

That’s all the information you need to master Blissey in Pokemon Unite, but as always, we’d encourage Trainers to experiment with different movesets and items to see what works best for them!

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