Best Slowbro build in Pokemon Unite – Moves, Battle & Held Items

Daniel Megarry
Slowbro build Pokemon Unite

Slowbro is one of three Defenders that players can choose in Pokemon Unite, and while it might not be the best fighter in the game, the right move path and items can help it shine.

They may not be the most popular role, but Defenders are an important part of any team in Pokemon Unite. The combination of high Endurance and unique moves mean they can protect their allies and slow down the opposing team.

As a Defender, one of Slowbro’s main goals is to stop the opposing team from scoring, but it can also fulfill a support role. With our build, Slowbro will be able to help its teammates take down opponents and score enough goals to take them to victory.

Below, you’ll find the Kanto region Pokemon’s best build in Pokemon Unite, including the move path you should be following and the items it should be holding to help it become a powerhouse on the battlefield.

Pokemon Unite Slowbro stats
Slowbro is one of several Pokemon that Trainers can choose in Unite.

Best Slowbro moves in Pokemon Unite

Slowpoke can select Water Gun or Slack Off at the start of a match. You’ll get both eventually, so go with the damage-dealing Water Gun first as it will help you farm EXP to level up faster. The self-healing Slack Off will come in useful during intense battles later on in the match.

At level 4, when Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro, it can learn Surf or Scald. This move path is more open to personal preference than the rest, but we prefer Surf as it’s great for crowd control and slowing down your opponents, both of which will help your teammates out.

Next, at level 6, Slowbro can choose between Telekinesis or Amnesia. You’ll lose Slowbro’s self-healing powers if you opt for Telekinesis, but the ability to draw opponents towards you is perfect for stopping them from scoring goals or healing themselves.

Attack Icon Unlocked Upgrade
Surf Pokemon Unite Surf Level 4 Level 11: Waves become bigger and knock opponents up.
Telekinesis Pokemon Unite Telekinesis Level 6 Level 13: Increases movement speed and range.

Best Slowbro Held Items in Pokemon Unite

As a Defender, you’ll want Slowbro to stay alive as long as possible. Your main Held Item should be Rocky Helmet, which provides a huge HP boost when maxed out. Next, choose Focus Band for a boost to both Defense and Special Defense, as well as HP recovery when Slowbro’s health is low.

Some players may prefer another HP or Defense-boosting item for their final slot, but we’re choosing Float Stone. The increase in movement speed will help Slowbro reach teammates in danger slightly faster and also help it chase down opponents before grabbing them with Telekinesis.

Held Item Icon Description Max Stat Boost
Rocky Helmet Rocky Helmet Increases basic attack damage. HP +240

Defense +28

Focus Band Focus Band When the Pokemon drops to low HP, it recovers HP for three seconds. Defense +30

Sp. Defense +30

Float Stone Pokemon Unite Float Stone Increases movement speed and basic attack damage. Attack +24

Movement Speed +120

Best Slowbro Battle Items in Pokemon Unite

Slowbro has healing powers, so there’s no need for HP-boosting Battle Items. Instead, equip Eject as an escape plan – even a Pokemon as tanky as this one can’t survive an onslaught from multiple opponents.

Battle Item Icon Effect Cooldown Unlocked
Eject Eject Moves to a specified direction immediately. 55 Seconds Trainer Level 11

This is the best build for a supportive, team player Slowbro in Pokemon Unite, but we’d encourage all Trainers to experiment with different move paths and items to see what works for them.

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