10 best Water-type Pokemon ever: Kyogre, Blastoise & more

Published: 2/Feb/2021 19:20

by Daniel Megarry


Water-type Pokemon have consistently proven themselves to be one of the most popular choices in the games, but which one comes out on top?

With the likes of Legendary whale Kyogre and iconic Gen 1 starter Blastoise in their ranks, trainers have plenty to choose from when it comes to Water-types Pokemon. In fact, there are more of them than any other type across the entire Pokedex.

Not all of them are going to be worth a spot on your team, though, and oftentimes the Pokemon that look the best aren’t always the most powerful. On that note, here are the 10 best Water-types you need on your team if you want to wash away the competition.

10. Azumarill

Azumarill Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Azumarill is an unexpected standout in Pokemon.

Its base states may not be anything to write home about, but Azumarill has a number of features that make it a worthy fighter. Its incredible ability Huge Power doubles its attack stat, making it a more powerful choice than trainers may first realize.

Azumarill has 100 HP and 80 Defense, meaning it can withstand more than a few attacks and retaliate with the full power of its doubled Attack stats. Moves like Liquidation and Play Rough, which have a chance to reduce the opponent’s Defense and Attack respectively, take advantage of STAB (same-type attack bonus) and as a result will deal some hefty damage.

9. Gyarados

The Pokemon Company
Gyarados remains a solid choice over two decades later.

Any trainer worth their salt knows that despite how long and arduous the process of evolving Magikarp into Gyarados can be, it’s a challenge that’s more than worth following through with in every new generation of games.

Gyarados is commonly used as a powerful sweeper thanks to its solid 125 Attack stat, a range of powerful attacks like Hydro Pump and Thrash, and the status move Dragon Dance, which boosts Attack and Speed when used.

The final move Gyarados learns by leveling up, Hyper Beam, has an astonishing 150 Power, and its Intimidate ability lowers the Attack of opponents, making it a powerful addition to your lineup.

8. Swampert

The Pokemon Company
Swampert is one of the strongest starter Pokemon yet.

As far as starter evolutions go, Swampert is often considered to be one of the best out there. It made its debut in Gen 3 as the final evolution of the beloved Mudkip, and quickly became a favorite among trainers.

It has the highest base total stats (535) of any starter Pokemon, but Swampert’s standout quality is without a doubt its dual Water/Ground typing, which renders it immune to Electricity and resistant to Poison, Rock, Steel, and Fire.

The only weakness it has is Grass, although it should be noted that this is a x4 weakness, so trainers will want to avoid using it in battle when going up against Grass-type opponents.

7. Dracovish

The Pokemon Company
Dracovish has one of the most powerful moves in Sword & Shield.

The creepy fossil-based Dracovish may seem like an unusual choice for this list, as its stats are largely unimpressive. It has a total of 505 base stats and struggles particularly with Special Attack (70) and Special Defense (80).

But where it stands out is Fishious Rend, one of the most powerful attacks in the history of Pokemon. It has an immense 170 Power when it moves first, and that’s not to mention any boosts that come into play with STAB or Dracovish’s Strong Jaw ability, which powers up the move even more.

Fishious Rend alone arguably makes Dracovish one of the best Water-type choices for any offensive-based team, particularly when taking on slower opponents.

6. Blastoise

Blastoise Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Blastoise is a classic and remains a powerful addition to any trainer’s team.

Being a Gen 1 starter evolution, Blastoise remains one of the most popular Pokemon in the ever-growing Pokedex. But it’s not just nostalgia that keeps players coming back, as this pure Water-type got the power to back up its popularity, even if it’s not the best overall stats-wise.

As of Sword and Shield, Blastoise now has the Shell Smash move, which lowers its Defense and Special Defense, but significantly raises its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats. This turns it into a potent offensive choice, making already-solid moves like Hydro Pump, Surf, Liquidation, and Scald even stronger.

Blastoise is also one of the few Water-types to have both Mega Evolution and Gigantamax forms, meaning there are ways to significantly power it up across generations. It also benefits from the Rain Dish ability, which allows it to slowly heal itself when it’s raining.

5. Toxapex

The Pokemon Company
Toxapex is one of the best defense Pokemon out there.

It’s not the most appealing looking Pokemon, we’ll admit, but Toxapex is here to do one thing, and do that thing incredibly well: Defend.

Toxapex is one of the best defensive walls in the game, and can learn a number of moves to help it stay in battle for ages. Recover can be used to restore 1/2 of its HP, while Haze can eliminate all stat changes of Pokemon engaged in battle, which is great for eliminating an opponent’s setup.

Offense-wise it benefits from Toxic, which poisons its opponent and cannot miss thanks to its typing, and the popular Scald, which has a not-too-shabby 80 Power and a 30% chance of burning its opponent.

4. Suicune

Suicune Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Suicune doesn’t just look good, it’s also a great defense.

If you’re looking for a defensive Water-type that can also dish out damage, look no further than Suicune. This bulky Legendary Pokemon has 115 Defense and 115 Special Defense, and access to a number of moves that help it stay strong against even the most formidable opponents.

Calm Mind can be used to raise its Special Defense and Special Attack even more, while Rest means it can restore its HP fully and remove any non-volatile conditions. Used wisely, the Legendary Pokemon Suicune can be incredibly difficult to take down.

3. Greninja

The Pokemon Company
Greninja has earned its status as a fan-favorite Pokemon.

Greninja has become a mascot for the Pokemon franchise since it debuted in Gen 6 games X and Y, and has even been voted the world’s favorite Pokemon. That’s not just because of how cool it looks – although that does help, of course.

The dual Water/Dark-type creature has very high Speed (122) which can help you sneak in a powerful blow before your opponent. Its new Ash-Greninja form, introduced in Sun and Moon, makes it even more powerful as its total stats boost to 640 with a significant increase in Attack and Special Attack.

Meanwhile, Greninja’s hidden ability Protean allows it to become the type of the last move it last used, giving it STAB for any move and changing its type resistances. This makes Greninja a unique and often unpredictable Pokemon to help lead you to success in competitive battles.

2. Palkia

The Pokemon Company
Palkia is a great dual Dragon/Water-type choice.

While Primal Kyogre may have the highest total stats of any Water-type Pokemon, Palkia has the highest of any standard form Water-type with 680 in total, making it a great alternative to our number one choice.

Palkia is a strong wallbreaker thanks to its 120 Attack and 150 Special Attack stats, as well as a relatively high 100 Speed stat. Spacial Rend is a standout signature move with 100 Power, a high chance of a critical hit, and of course that STAB bonus.

It doesn’t have many type resistances – only Steel, Water, and Fire – and has no immunities, but it is neutral to the majority of types, meaning it can withstand most hits without receiving particularly high damage, especially thanks to its bulky nature.

Like many other Legendaries, Palkia’s Pressure ability also comes in handy when dealing with opponents who spam overpowered moves, as they’ll lose 2 PP instead of 1 every time a hit lands.

1. Kyogre (Primal Form)

Kyogre Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Kyogre remains the most powerful Water-type Pokemon.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for long-time Pokemon fans. Kyogre is incredibly popular not only because of its Legendary origins, but also because it boasts some genuinely incredible stats.

When in its Primal Form, Kyogre has one of the highest total stats of any type, not just Water-types, with 770 to its name. In this form it also boasts a whopping 150 Attack and 180 Special Attack, ensuring it can wipe out any opponent with ease.

Even in its regular form, it’s still one of the most formidable additions to any trainer’s team, with 670 total base stats and access to wildly powerful moves like Water Spout, Giga Impact, and Hyper Beam, all of which have 150 Power.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kyogre’s Drizzle ability gives a 50% boost in Power to any Water-type moves, which makes it even more lethal on the battlefield, especially when going up against Fire, Ground, and Rock-type opponents.

Kyogre is without a doubt the best Water-type in Pokemon history, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon.

Call of Duty

4 players to watch during CDL 2021 Super Week

Published: 22/Feb/2021 17:19

by Theo Salaun


The Call of Duty League’s 2021 season continues after a brief scheduling hiccup, as Weeks 2 and 3 get blended into CDL 2021 Super Week — and four player storylines may define the weeklong action.

The CDL 2021 season has already proven to be full of surprises and this is, without a doubt, not your typical week of action. With 20 games split across a full seven days, the entire landscape of the league should shift dramatically by week’s end.

Considering the Atlanta FaZe Opening Week’s theatrics, it should be no surprise that there are some prominent names and teams to keep an eye on in this blended double-week. From possible roster changes to championship contention concerns, significant expectations may move by Week 3.

Considering the first week of gameplay, upcoming matches and overall season projections — here are four players who should be monitored during CDL Super Week.

Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas (Dallas Empire)

Time for an MVP to play like an MVP

shotzzy dallas empire cdl 2021
Call of Duty League
If Dallas wants to dominate 2021 like they did to end 2020, then a return of Shotzzy’s MVP play will be key.

The Dallas Empire won CDL Champs in 2020 largely because Shotzzy proved to be the deadliest rookie in the league. But his 2020 MVP form looked, at times, like a thing of the past in the Empire’s 2-3 loss to the Minnesota ROKKR during Week 1.

Dallas came into this season as favorites and continue to sit near the top of power rankings, but they’ve already dropped one spot and may drop more if Shotzzy’s form fails to return. In the team’s 3-0 win over the Seattle Surge, he posted a 1.40 K/D, but in the ROKKR loss, managed just a 0.98 (including a disappointing 5-13 in SND). This week, Dallas faces the London Royal Ravens, New York Subliners and Los Angeles Thieves — presenting three opportunities to prove they’re still the team to beat in 2021.

Obaid ‘Asim’ Asim (New York Subliners)

Hidden gem or placeholder?

Asim New York Subliners CDL 2021
Call of Duty League
Questions surround Asim’s role with NYSL moving forward.

The Subliners lost Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto to injury before the season started and have yet to play with Paco ‘HyDra’ Rusiewiez due to visa complications. The undermanned unit therefore has Asim and Conor ‘Diamondcon’ Johst in their starting lineup, but many wonder if the currently 0-1 team will make a change once HyDra arrives.

The question is if it will be Asim or Diamondcon hitting the bench and both are already establishing their worth — and Asim has an opportunity to cement his already-budding impact. Despite being swept by the Thieves, Asim posted a 1.17 K/D in the match, proving the sharpness of his SMG play.

During Super Week, New York faces London, Minnesota, Dallas and Seattle. In fact, when we asked RØKKR’s Lamar ‘Accuracy’ Abedi who he thinks is the biggest threat on the Subliners roster, he told us that Asim is their best player. If that sentiment is shared by the rest of his peers, Asim could be the difference maker for New York.

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner (OpTic Chicago)

The Donut King

Scump chicago huntsmen cdl 2020
Call of Duty League
Scump clearly wants to prove something this season.

When the media began doubting LeBron James due to his age, he co-opted the “Washed King” as his self-effacing moniker. In CoD, a similar situation arises as Scump may need to begin contending with Donut King concerns.

After sweeping the Paris Legion and notching a 1.04 K/D, OpTic fell 2-3 to FaZe and Scump struggled to a 0.82 K/D — including a donut, zero-kill effort in the first SND and a 0.55 K/D on SND overall. 

That loss is by no means any one player’s fault, as FaZe are an elite team and 2-3 is a tight match. Still, when OpTic face the Toronto Ultra, Los Angeles Guerrillas and Florida Mutineers this week, eyes will be on Scump (as they always are) to show some youthful thumbs, especially on SND.

Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman (Seattle Surge)

New monitor, new gunny

Call of Duty League
A lot of questions ride on the Gunless monitor question.

The 2020 benching drama, the Pokimane hype and, now, the monitor mania. There is no Gunless without some amount of colorful circumstance these past two seasons and the storylines write themselves.

In Week 1’s first match, the Surge got smacked 0-3 by Dallas and Gunless posted a 0.75 K/D. Then, he realized his monitor was set to 60 Hz, got it fixed overnight and dropped a 1.13 on 240 Hz during a 3-2 win over London the next day.

Against Minnesota and New York during Super Week, fans and opponents alike will be dying to find out if 40-bomb Gunless has been officially unleashed by the hardware upgrade and can push Seattle to heights the franchise hasn’t yet seen.