Best moveset for Origin Forme Dialga in Pokemon Go & is it any good?

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Players around the world had the chance to fight Dialga’s Origin Forme thanks to the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh – Los Angeles event. So, here’s its best moveset in case you manage you catch one during its debut in Niantic’s mobile game.

Plenty of Legendary Pokemon have made their way into Pokemon Go over the years, including the Creation Trio: Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.

Dialga, which can control time, was introduced back in Gen 4’s Sinnoh region and first appeared in the mobile game in 2019. However, its Origin Forme was presented a couple of years ago in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Now, it will debut alongside Origin Forme Palkia in a special event.

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From February 17, 2024, until February 18, 2024, Origin Forme Dialga was featured as a 5-Star Raid Boss in the Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh – Los Angeles and is back for the Global event from February 24, 2024 until February 25, 2024.

Here’s everything you need to know to exploit Origin Forme Dialga’s full potential in Niantic’s game.

pokemon go origin forme dialga and palkiaNiantic

Origin Forme Dialga stats in Pokemon Go

This dual Steel/Dragon-type Pokemon has an attack-based stat spread of 270 (ATK), 225 (DEF), and 205 (STAT), and can reach a max CP value of 4090 in Pokemon Go, which can be boosted by Snow and Windy weather.

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Thanks to its amazing type combination, this Legendary variation is only vulnerable to Fighting and Ground-type moves, which deal double damage. More so, it has 10 different resistances that make it a complete beast. These include Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Water, Electric, Psychic, Poison, and Grass.

Best moveset for Origin Forme Dialga

The best moveset available for Origin Forme Dialga in Pokemon Go consists of Metal Claw as a Fast Move and Roar of Time as a Charged Move, with 20.27 damage per second and a strong 742.90 total damage output.

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Both moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus. But, while Metal Claw is a regular Fast Move with high energy gain, the Charged Move Roar of Time is an Adventure Effect that can only be obtained by capturing the Pokemon during the event.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Dialga Origin Forme cutsceneGame Freak / The Pokemon Company

All moves Origin Forme Dialga can learn

This massive and intimidating beast has two Fast Moves and four Charged Moves available in its pool, most of them in line with the Pokemon’s typing.

Origin Forme Dialga Fast Moves

  • Drago Breath (Dragon/STAB)
  • Metal Claw (Steel/STAB)

Origin Forme Dialga Charged Moves

  • Iron Head (Steel/STAB)
  • Thunder (Electric)
  • Draco Meteor (Dragon/STAB)
  • Roar of Time (Dragon/STAB/Adventure Effect)

Is Origin Forme Dialga any good in Pokemon Go?

Due to Dialga being a Legendary Pokemon, it can’t be used to defend Gyms. However, similar to its regular form, Origin Forme Dialga is a top-tier Pokemon in the game’s meta.

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Its Steel and Dragon typing gives it a ton of useful resistances and leaves only a couple of types to worry about. More so, the Roar of Time attack not only offers an Adventure Effect to exploit throughout the adventure, but it’s also a nuke move that deals an outstanding 150 damage when used in battle.

Its incredible stats, along with such strong moves and a great type combination of Steel and Dragon, make Origin Forme Dialga the ultimate beast to dominate Pokemon Go battles.

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That’s everything you need to know about Origin Forme Dialga’s moveset and whether it is any good in Pokemon Go. For more game content, check our guides below:

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