Pokemon Unite best Machamp build – Moveset, Battle & Held Items

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Mastering Machamp’s build in Pokemon Unite requires you to know the best moveset, Held Items, and Battle Items. Get that right, and the Kanto favorite can become one of the best All-Rounders in the game.

In Pokemon UNITE, the new MOBA title on Switch and mobile, the well-balanced All-Rounders are great for both beginners who are learning the ropes and experienced Trainers who like to switch their roles throughout a match.

Just like in other Pokemon games, fan-favorite Machamp is a solid fighter who can dish out some serious damage to opponents. It’s not the best character in the game overall, but in our opinion, it is the best All-Rounder on offer.

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Below, you’ll find the Kanto region Pokemon’s best build in Pokemon UNITE, including the move path you should be following and the items it should be holding to help it become unstoppable on the battlefield.


Machamp stats Pokemon UniteNintendo / TiMi Studio
Machamp is a very powerful fighter in Pokemon Unite.

Best Machamp build in Pokemon Unite

From the best moves to use, through to the Battle and Held items you need to take into the fray, we’ve put together everything you need to know to support your teammates to the best of Machamp’s ability.

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Machamp moveset

Move Unlocked Upgrade
Pokemon Unite Bulk Up Bulk Up Level 1
Pokemon Unite Cross Chop Cross Chop Level 5 Level 11: Increases Attack with each basic attack, up to a set max.
Pokemon Unite Submission Submission Level 7 Level 13: Further increases critical-hit rate and increases basic attack speed.
Barrage Blow Barrage Blow (UNITE Move) Level 9

Machop can choose between Bulk Up and Karate Chop at the start of a match. You’ll get both eventually, but we recommend starting with Bulk Up as the boost it gives to your Attack and movement speed will help you clear out wild Pokemon and farm EXP faster in the early game.

At level 5, when Machop evolves into Machoke, you’ll be offered Close Combat or Cross Chop. Both offer high amounts of damage, but Cross Chop gets the edge thanks to its high critical hit rate and the fact that it’s harder for opponents to dodge. It also has a slightly lower cooldown.

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When Machoke reaches level 7, it’s a choice between Dynamic Punch or Submission. Dynamic Punch is good for fast damage, but Submission is the superior option as it unleashes Machamp’s true power, increasing Attack and speed and rendering it immune to status ailments.

Best Machamp Held Items in Pokemon UNITE

Held Item Description Max Stat Boost
muscle band Muscle Band Increases basic attack damage. Attack +15

Basic Attack Speed +7.5%

Pokemon Unite Float Stone Float Stone Increases movement speed and basic attack damage. Attack +24

Movement Speed +120

scope lens Scope Lens Increases critical-hit rate and damage. Critical-hit rate +6%

Critical-hit damage +12%

  • Muscle Band: Muscle Band is a great Held Item for any Pokemon in UNITE, but especially one with an Offense stat as good as Machamp’s. Use this to increase attack damage and boost Basic Attack speed.
  • Float Stone: Pair Muscle Band with Float Stone, and Machamp will have a significant boost to both its Attack damage and movement speed outside of battle, which is very handy to escape a dangerous situation.
  • Scope Lens: The final Held Item is open for debate, but we’d stick with the classic Scope Lens to give Machamp an increase in critical-hit rate and damage. All three of these Held Items will help make Machamp one of the strongest fighters on the field.

Best Machamp Battle Items in Pokemon UNITE

Battle Item Effect Cooldown Unlocked
Pokemon Unite Battle Item Eject Button Icon Eject Moves to a specified direction immediately. 55 Seconds Trainer Level 11
  • Eject: Machamp already has a very high Offense stat and multiple moves that can increase its Attack damage, so we recommend choosing Eject to make sure Machamp has an escape plan for when it gets overwhelmed.

Machamp Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3250 165 98 20 64 3700
2 3313 170 104 21 68
3 3389 175 111 23 72
4 3480 181 119 25 77
5 3809 205 148 32 96
6 3940 214 160 35 104
7 4097 225 174 38 113
8 4286 239 191 42 124
9 4953 287 250 56 163
10 5225 306 274 62 179
11 5551 329 303 69 198
12 5942 357 338 77 221
13 6411 391 380 87 248
14 6974 431 430 99 281
15 7650 479 490 114 320

Pokemon Unite Machamp evolution level

Trainers will start the match with Machop, which evolves into Machoke at Level 5, and finally evolves into Machamp at Level 9.

Machop (Level 1) Machoke (Level 5) Machamp (Level 9)
Machop Machoke Machamp

How to unlock Machamp in Pokemon Unite

There are currently two ways to unlock Machamp in Pokemon Unite:

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  • Purchase it with 8,000 Aeos Coins in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.
  • Purchase it with 480 Aeos Gems in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.

Best pairs for Machamp in Pokemon Unite

With a solid fighting-inspired moveset, Machamp will predominantly be focused on attacking opponents, so it’s a good idea to pair it with Support Pokemon like Eldegoss or a Defender like Snorlax who can help it survive.

That’s everything you need to know about using Machamp in Pokemon UNITE, but we’d encourage all Trainers to experiment with different move paths and items to see what works best for them.

For more tips and tricks on becoming the ultimate Pokemon UNITE player, check out the rest of our character guides below:

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