Pokemon Unite: How to play Supporters Mr. Mime & Eldegoss

Pokemon Unite Mr.The Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite players can choose from five team roles in each battle in the 5v5 MOBA. Here is how to play Supporter class ‘mon Mr. Mime and Eldegoss.

Pokemon Unite will launch with 19 playable ‘mon on the Nintendo Switch in July 2021. Every character fits into one of the following team roles: Attackers, All-Rounder, Defender, Speedster, and Supporter.

In this guide, we will break down how to play the Supporter class with Mr. Mime and Eldegoss. Below we will cover both character’s movesets and special abilities that will leave your opponents in the dust.

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How to play Eldegoss in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Eldegoss MapThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Galar favorite is a great Supporter in Unite.

Eldegoss makes up for its size by having one of the strongest support movesets in the entire roster. Players wanting to focus on offensive damage should look elsewhere as the Galar ‘mon is heavily centered around buffing teammates.

At level 4, we recommend upgrading Leafage for Leaf Tornado. The move not only offers decent damage but also gives teammates an increase in their speed. The attack becomes even more useful when it’s upgraded at level 11 as it decreases enemy accuracy which is perfect for bombing team fights.

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Once Eldegoss reaches level 6, we would swap its second ability Synthesis with Cotton Guard. Not only does it absorb damage from enemies, but it also heals your HP. Even better is that the cotton barrier can be attached to teammates. 

Thankfully, the Sword & Shield character’s Unite move is strong strategically. Players will be invincible while Eldegoss floats in the air, before being able to slam down on a group of enemies. Because the attack shoves enemies back, it’s also a great defense against quicker characters about to score a goal. 

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Pokemon Unite Eldegoss Special attacks

Special 1

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Basic Attack Basic Attack Its third attack launches a spore ball. If attached to an enemy, basic attacks will inflict more damage while slowing down the enemy.   Level 1
Leafage Leafage Eldegoss throws leaves at its enemies, which decreases their speed with continuous hits.  Level 4 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)
Pollen Puff Pollen Puff A pollen ball is thrown on an enemy. After attaching, nearby teammates are healed while the opponent takes damage.  Level 11: Enemies with the attached Pollen now receive damage over time. 
Leaf Tornado Leaf Tornado A tornado of sharpened leaves attacks enemies while increasing teammates’ speeds who walk after it.  Level 11: Enemies’ accuracy is decreased if hit by the leaves.  

Special 2

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Synthesis Synthesis Eledegoss heals itself and allies nearby.  Level 6 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)  
Cotton Guard Cotton Guard Eledegoss shields itself and teammates with cotton. The barrier absorbs damage and heals HP. Level 13: Eldegoss speed is increased when using Cotton Guard.
Cotton Spore Cotton Spore Spores are collected that lessen the damage taken from enemies. The spores then burst damaging opponents and slowing them down.  Level 13: Enemies are thrown back when damaged by this attack.
(UNITE move) Unite Move Eldegoss floats in the air and becomes invincible. It then can choose where to slam down on, damaging enemies and healing allies with an area of effect spread.  Can be used starting Level 09

How to play Mr. Mime in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Mr. Mime mapThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Mr. Mime can hassle opponents in Unite if used right.

According to TiMi Studios, the classic Kanto Pokemon is designed around stalling enemy opponents. Its basic attack and ability Fake Out are good examples of this as both can send enemies flying backward after hitting them.

Once reaching level, we recommend upgrading Fake Out with Psychic. While Confusion is an easy-to-pull off spam attack, Psychic debuffs enemies by lowering their Sp. Def stat. If you manage to hit enemies multiple times, they also paralyzed, making it the superior upgrade.

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Mr. Mime’s second ability Light Screen should be used constantly to block enemies from progressing on the map. Look for choke points in the territory where you can block opponents in. At level 6 we would swap the move to Barrier as a total of three walls can be laid out after being upgraded at level 11.

Its Unite move, Showtime, is potent as it allows the player to select where the Pokemon drops in. Trapping a group of enemies with a Barrier and then nuking them with this ultimate ability will do massive damage. It can also be used near goal posts to do damage over time for anyone attempting to go near them.

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Pokemon Unite Mr. Mime Special attacks

Special 1

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Basic Attack Basic Attack A series of slaps. The third hit landed has boosted damage and throwing enemies back.    Level 1
Fake Out Fake Out Mr. Mime claps his hands together sending close enemies flying back.  Level 4 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)
Confusion Confusion A confusion beam is shot directly at opponents dealing damage and shoving them backward.  Level 11: Increased damage.
Psychic  Psychic A psychic blast that damages enemies and lowers their Sp. Def stat. Opponents hit multiple times are unable to move.  Level 11: Enemies hit have a decrease in movement.  

Special 2

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Light Screen Light Screen Mr. Mime creates a wall of light that stops opponents from passing through the barrier.  Level 6 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)  
Barrier Barrier A large barrier that prevents enemies from passing through. The move’s cooldown starts after a second wall is built.  Level 13: The move can be used one extra time.
Guard Swap Guard Swap Mr. Mime swaps its  Defense and Sp. Def with an opposing player. The move caused the enemy damage over time while boosting the player’s speed. Can be used on allies to boost their stats.  Level 13: Mr. Mime continually heals itself and allies nearby. 

(Unite Move)

Showtime! Mr. Mime hops to the selected location and puts on a performance. All nearby enemies take damage over time in the AOE.  Can be used starting Level 9

Pokemon Unite officially makes its Nintendo Switch debut in July 2021, with its mobile launch on Android and iPhone devices happening in September.

Tune in to our guides on the 5v5 MOBA as we will be covering the best ways to play each ‘mon as well as the best team strategies for each map, and more.

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