Pokemon Unite best Eldegoss build – Moveset, Battle & Held Items

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Mastering the Supporter class ‘mon, Eldegoss, in Pokemon Unite requires knowledge of the best build, moveset, and Held Items to use.

Eldegoss, the popular Grass-type, uses buffs, debuffs, and hindrances to aid teammates and slow down opponents in the bottom lane while they’re attacking or trying to score.

It is widely regarded as the best in its role, so getting to grips with it in the Nintendo Switch and Mobile MOBA is very important if you want to be a good team player. Here’s the best build for Eldegoss in Pokemon Unite.

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Eldegoss Pokemon Unite Profile PageThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The tiny Galar ‘mon is stronger than it looks.

Best Eldegoss build Pokemon Unite

From the best moves to use, through to the Battle and Held items you need to take into the fray, we’ve put together everything you need to know to support your teammates to the best of Eldegoss’ ability.

Eldegoss moveset

Move Unlocked At Upgrade Level
Leafage Leafage Level 1 Level 4: Upgrades this move into Pollen Puff or Leaf Tornado.
Pollen Puff Pollen Puff Level 4 Level 11: Makes foes stay asleep for longer.
Cotton Guard Cotton Guard Level 6 Level 13: Slows enemies’ movement speed.
Cotton Cloud Crash Cotton Cloud Crash (Unite Move) Level 9

Once the match starts, Eldegoss should initially choose Leafage, which throws leaves at opponents and slows them down temporarily, perfect for when you need to flee a fight or run for the goal.

Then, at Level 3, learn Synthesis: an AOE move that heals you and your nearby teammates. It’s incredibly useful during those early brawls, especially when the opposing team is trying to score for the first time.

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At Level 4, Pollen Puff replaces Leafage, and Cotton Guard takes over Synthesis at Level 6 as one of the best Eldegoss moves to use.

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Best Eldegoss Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Held Item What it Does Max Stat Boost
Assault Vest Assault Vest Out of battle, your Pokemon gets a shield that increases Sp. Def. HP +270

Sp. Def. +42

Buddy Barrier Buddy Barrier When using your Unite move, you and a teammate with the lowest HP get a shield. HP +600
Rocky Helmet Rocky Helmet After taking enough damage, surrounding opponents take damage. HP +270

Defense +42

  • Assault Vest: This item is imperative to use, as it shields you from Special Attacks. When out of battle, you get a shield that boosts your Special Defense substantially and is perfect when you’re trying to sneak your way to the goal.
  • Buddy Barrier: This is essential due to Eldegoss’ Supporter role. Upon using your Unite move, the item gives you, and the member of your team with the lowest health, a shield. This is ideal when trying to take down Zapdos or when stuck in a cluster fight.
  • Rocky Helmet: It is very useful when cornered by opponents as it releases an AOE attack that hurts foes once you’ve taken a chunk of damage, and could be the sole factor between life and death.

Best Eldegoss Battle Item in Pokemon Unite

Battle Item What it Does Unlocked At
Eject Button Eject Button Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction. Trainer Level 11
  • Eject Button: Equipping this as your Battle Item is the best choice for Eldegoss. As a Supporter, the ‘mon is typically quite slow, and so utilizing this will quickly shoot the Pokemon in any direction of your choosing, allowing you to get you away from any immediate danger.

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Eldegoss Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3278 130 40 40 30 3800
2 3383 134 44 54 33
3 3503 139 48 70 36
4 4114 162 69 152 52
5 4274 168 74 173 56
6 4457 175 80 198 61
7 4668 183 87 226 66
8 4911 192 95 258 72
9 5190 203 104 295 79
10 5511 215 115 338 87
11 5800 229 128 387 96
12 6305 245 142 444 107
13 6794 264 159 509 119
14 7356 285 178 584 133
15 8002 310 200 670 149

Eldegoss Pokemon Unite evolution level

Both of Eldegoss’ evolutions are present in Pokemon Unite. Trainers will need to reach Level 4 to evolve Gossifleur into Eldegoss.

Gossifleur (Level 1) Eldegoss (Level 4)
Pokemon Unite Gossifleur Eldegoss Evolution level

How to unlock Eldegoss in Pokemon Unite

There are three methods available to unlock Eldegoss in Pokemon Unite:

  • Choose to unlock Eldegoss for free after completing the tutorial.
  • Purchase it with 6,000 Aeos Coins in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.
  • Purchase it with 345 Aeos Gems in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.

Best pairs for Eldegoss in Pokemon Unite

As a Supporter class Pokemon, Eldegoss will typically be utilized to help out teammates to keep them afloat. Because of this, you’ll want to stick close to Attackers such as Cinderace or Alolan Ninetails, both for your own benefit and their own.

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So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about the best Eldegoss build and moveset in Pokemon Unite.

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