Best Absol build Pokemon Unite – moveset, Battle & Held Items

Pokemon Unite Absol buildNintendo / TiMi Studio

Absol is one of the best Speedsters in Pokemon Unite, and with the right build of its moveset, Battle Items, and Held Items, it can become an absolute beast on the battlefield.

There are five roles in Pokemon Unite, and the Speedsters are proving to be very popular choices. These fighters prioritize making quick attacks and scoring points at the expense of HP and Endurance, making a quick getaway when needed.

Among them, Absol is rising to the top as one of the best fighters in the entire roster. With high Offense and Mobility stats, it’s perfect for Trainers who want to zoom around the map without having to sacrifice their damage output in TiMi Studios’ MOBA game.

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When utilizing the Hoenn region ‘mon’s best build in Pokemon Unite, from the moveset path to follow and the items it should be holding, you can help it quickly rise to the top.


Pokemon Unite Absol statsNintendo / TiMi Studio
Absol has already proven itself to be one of the best fighters in Pokemon Unite.

Best Absol build in Pokemon Unite

Below, we’ve listed the best moves, Battle, and Held items you need to take along with Absol to maximize your chance to speed through each map and arena in Pokemon Unite.

Absol moveset

Move Unlocked At Upgrade Level
Pokemon Go Absol Slash move Slash Level 1 Level 7: Upgrades to Psycho Cut or Sucker Punch.
Absol Pokemon Go Pursuit move Pursuit Level 5 Level 11: Movement speed boost.
Absol Psycho Cut Unite move Psycho Cut Level 7 Level 13: When the move hits, Absol’s movement speed increases for a short time.
Absol Midnight Slash Unite move Midnight Slash (Unite Move) Level 9

Absol will be offered the moves Feint or Slash at the beginning of a match. This choice doesn’t matter too much as you’ll get both moves eventually, but we’d recommend going with Slash first as your best choice, as it deals decent damage with a low cooldown that will help you farm EXP in the jungle.

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At Level 5, Absol will be able to learn either Night Slash or Pursuit. Both are solid for the moveset, but Pursuit has the best edge. With this move, Absol can dash to a specific location and strike enemies from behind for increased damage and reduced cooldown.

Next, at Level 7, you’ll be given the choice between Sucker Punch and Psycho Cut. We recommend Psycho Cut as it gives you the double whammy of slowing down the enemy it hits and increasing the damage of your next three attacks against them for an all-out assault.

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Best Absol Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Held Item What it Does Max Stat Boosts
Pokemon Unite float stone Held Item Float Stone Increases movement speed when not in combat. Attack + 24
Movement Speed + 120
Muscle Band item Pokemon Unite Muscle Band Increases basic attack damage. Attack + 15
Basic Attack Speed +7.5%
Scope Lens held item Pokemon Unite Scope Lens Increases critical-hit damage. Critical Hit Rate +6%
Critical-Hit Damage +12%
  • Float Stone: This item will increase Absol’s basic attack damage and also increase movement speed to really capitalize on its Speedster role.
  • Muscle Band: Increases basic attack damage, which should make clearing wild Pokemon in the jungle that much quicker.
  • Scope Lens: Using this Held Item will help to increase Absol’s critical-hit rate and damage. Considering Absol is already the king of critical-hit, some may prefer to substitute this Held Item for something else – but why not make its best feature even better?

Best Absol Battle Item in Pokemon Unite

Held Item What it Does Unlocked At
Eject Button Eject Button Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction. Trainer Level 11
X Attack X-Attack Raises your Pokemon’s Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time. Trainer Level 7
  • Eject Button: This item is arguable the best item for Absol, as this Speedster’s Endurance is one of its biggest weaknesses, and it won’t last long at all if it comes up against a group of enemies or a particularly tanky opponent.
  • X-Attack: If you don’t have Eject Button, this Battle Item is a decent backup, as it will improve Absol’s already solid Offense and help it to quickly clear out any wild Pokemon in the jungle.

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Absol Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3000 170 52 20 36 3650
2 3107 186 59 23 41
3 3224 204 67 27 47
4 3353 223 76 31 53
5 3495 244 86 36 60
6 3651 267 97 41 68
7 3823 293 109 47 76
8 4012 321 122 53 85
9 4221 352 136 60 95
10 4451 387 152 58 106
11 4704 425 170 76 118
12 4983 467 189 85 131
13 5290 513 210 95 146
14 5628 564 233 106 162
15 6000 620 259 118 180
Absol Pokemon Unite trailerThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Absol can be an unstoppable force on the lanes and jungle.

How to play Absol

  • Keep an eye on your Endurance and HP at all times – Absol may pack a punch, but can be overwhelmed easily if you’re not careful.
  • In the earlier stages of a match, Absol absolutely dominates against other ‘mon. Make sure to take advantage of this to push the game in your favor early on.
  • As a Speedster, you’ll most likely be focusing on the jungle to take out Wild Pokemon quickly and efficiently to level up fast, accomplish a goal quicker, or provide extra damage where needed.
  • Make sure to constantly keep tabs on what’s going on in other lanes, and play reactively to help out your teammates.
  • Attack enemy ‘mon from behind as they’re attempting to run away from you for a better chance to take them down in a flash.
  • Try not to initiate attacks in team fights to increase your chance of surviving.

Absol Pokemon Unite evolution

Absol does not evolve in Pokemon Unite, so you’ll be playing with the Speedster from the beginning to the end of each of your matches.

How to unlock Absol in Pokemon Unite

There’s currently only one method to unlock Absol in Pokemon Unite: purchasing it from the store.

  • To purchase the ‘mon, head to the Unite Battle Committee shop, and buy their license for 10,000 Aeons Coins / 575 Aeos Gems.

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This is the best build for Absol in Pokemon Unite right now, but Trainers should experiment with other move paths and items to see what works best for them.

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