How to get Zeraora for free in Pokemon Unite

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TiMi Studios is celebrating the release of Pokemon Unite by giving away Alolan Mythical Zeraora for a limited time. Here is how Nintendo Switch players can claim the Sun & Moon Legendary for free.

The Pokemon Company surprised fans when they revealed that Gen VII Legendary Zeraora will be a playable character to celebrate the launch of Pokemon Unite on the Nintendo Switch.

Here are the steps on how players can unlock the character in the MOBA for free. Trainers need to act fast, however, as the Mythical is a special fighter that is only available for a limited time only.

Zeraora trailer profile Pokemon Unite
The Alolan Legendary is being given away free for a limited time.

How to get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite for free

Pokemon Unite’s roster has been bumped up from 19 to 20 as Legendary Zeraora was announced as the game’s newest Speedster role character. While the Alolan Mythical launched with the title, it will also only be available for a small amount of time.

Thankfully, TPC is giving away the ‘mon for free as a part of the MOBA’s release. Nintendo Switch players need to simply log in to claim the reward.

Below we will break down the steps Trainers need to take to add the powerful Electric-type to their roster.

How to get Zeraora in Pokemon Unite for free

Pokemon Unite Zeraora License
Zeraora is unlocked with a License in Pokemon Unite.
  • Step 1: On the main screen, press X to open the sidebar menu.
  • Step 2: Scroll down to Mail, click it, and then click on System Messages.
  • Step 3: You’ll see a mail called “Launch Bonus” – select it to receive Zeraora’s Unite License.
  • Step 4: Players MUST log in redeem the License BEFORE Tuesday, August 31st, 2021. And that’s it –simply logging in before the listed expiration date is all you need to do. Easy, right?

Pokemon Unite Zeraora Bonus Mail

Nintendo Switch owners will be the first to get their hands on the beloved character, however, TiMi Studios has assured mobile users on Android and iPhone devices that they will also get Zeraora in September.

“Mobile players, don’t worry—you’’ll be able to get Zeraora as well. We’ll announce the details here, so stay tuned!” their Twitter post read.

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