Best Lucario build in Pokemon Unite – Moves, Battle & Held Items

Pokemon Unite Lucario BuildThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

With the right moveset and Held Items, Lucario is one of the most powerful characters in Pokemon Unite. Here is the Sinnoh All-Rounder’s best build that will have you stunning and defeating enemies before they know what has hit them.

In Pokemon Unite, the All-Rounder class is designed to give teams a set of characters who can fit any role on the map. Since the game has launched on the Nintendo Switch, Diamond & Pearl’s Lucario has quickly risen in the ranks as one of the best in the category.

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The Sinnoh ‘mon is not only incredibly fast, but it can also unload one of the highest-damaging combo attacks in the TiMi Studios MOBA with the right Held Items. Here is the Gen IV character’s best build that will have you quickly dominating in every single match.

Pokemon Unite Lucario ProfileThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Sinnoh favorite is one of the most powerful characters in the game.

Best Lucario moves in Pokemon Unite

At the beginning of the match, Lucario will be given the choice between Quick Attack and Meteor Mash. It doesn’t really matter which one you pick since you will get both moves almost instantly. The real fun begins when the Sinnoh ‘mon eventually reaches level 5.

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Once there, you should choose Power-Up Punch. Not only is the deadly charge attack incredibly fun to pull off, but it does an insane amount of damage compared to most abilities in the game. Trainers are given their second move choice at level 7 – choose Bone Rush.

This is where Lucario really gets to shine. From here on out, Trainers should be throwing a Power-Up Punch and then immediately following up with a Bone Rush attack. After the second move lands, trigger Bone Rush again to warp to the bone. This will then reset Power-Up Punch which can be used to finish out the three-hit combo that does a devastating amount of damage.

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Attack Icon Unlocked Upgrade level 
Power-Up Punch Power-Up Punch Level 5 Level 11: The user becomes immune to hindrances when charging power.
Bone Rush Bone Rush Level 7 Level 13: Using this move against will reset the cooldown for Extreme Speed or Power-Up Punch.

Best Lucario Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Since the Diamond & Pearl Pokemon is an All-Rounder, it means it can roam the map and fill any role. This is why we recommend equipping Float Stone which increases movement speed. This will allow the ‘mon to travel to different lanes when it’s needed. The items also increase its Attack stat.

Lucario is very offensive-heavy which is why the second Held Item it should bring into battle is Muscle Band. Not only does it increase its Attack stat, but it also boosts its Attack Speed. When paired with Float Stone, it will help the character move swiftly while attacking quickly which is important when following up its main combos.

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Lastly, we recommend Scope Lens as it increases your character’s Critical Hit Rate and Damage. This is absolutely pivotal as so much of Lucario’s strategy is centered around setting up his Power-Up Punch. Landing those massive punches is key to taking down opponents, and its critical rate being buffed just makes it all the mode deadlier.

Held Item Icon Description  Max Stat Boosts
Muscle Band Muscle Band Increases basic attack damage. Attack + 15
Basic Attack Speed +7.5%
Float Stone Float Stone Increases movement speed when not in combat. Attack + 24
Movement Speed + 120
Scope Lens Scope Lens Increases critical-hit damage. Critical Hit Rate +6%
Critical-Hit Damage +12%

Best Lucario Battle Item in Pokemon Unite

Players should use X-Attack with Lucario. As mentioned above, the character’s main strategy is setting up and landing its Power-Up Punch attack.

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Triggering the Battle Item before charging up, will massively buff the special attack – especially when you follow it up with Bone Rush.

Battle Item Icon Effect / Cooldown Unlocked
X-Attack X Attack Raises your Pokemon’s Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time / 40 seconds. Trainer level 7

While the above is the best build for the All-Rounder as of launch, Trainers can also experiment by swapping out items. For instance, users who are constantly getting out-flanked may want to use the Eject Battle Item to launch the Gen IV character out of harm’s way.

Regardless of which addons you choose, Lucario’s most powerful attack is without a doubt Power-Up Punch. Trainers who master the Bone Rush combo will quickly become a threat on the battlefield.

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