Pokemon Unite: How to play Speedsters Gengar & Absol

Pokemon Unite Absol and Gengar mapThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite will offer players five team roles to choose from when it releases on the Nintendo Switch. Here is how to play Speedster ‘mon Gengar and Absol in the 5v5 MOBA. 

Pokemon Unite will have 19 playable ‘mon when it debuts in July 2021. Every character in the game fills one of the following team roles: Attackers, All-Rounder, Defender, Speedster, and Supporter.

Below we will explain how to play Gengar and Absol. Here is a complete breakdown of the Speedster ‘mon special abilities that will have you leaving your opponents in the dust. 

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How to play Gengar in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Gengar profileThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
The Kanto Ghost-type can wreack terror on opponents.

Living up to its sneaky nature, Gengar uses its ghostly abilities to reign terror on the opponents in Unite. The Kanto Pokemon has one of the highest attack and mobility stats, making it a deadly combination if used right.

At level 5, we recommend upgrading Will-O-Wisp for Sludge Bomb. While Shadow Ball is a decent ranged attack, Sludge Bomb leaves enemies poisoned, which you can combine with a later move for an incredible amount of damage.

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Once you reach Level 7, trade your second ability Lick for Hex as soon as possible. The new move offers Gengar mobility around the map as it turns invisible when used. Best of all, the attack does more damage if an enemy is already poisoned which makes Sludge Bomb the perfect companion. 

Thankfully, Gengar’s Unite move, Phantom Ambush, gives the character a much-needed speed increase that you normally would have obtained from other abilities. Using the Sludge and Hex combo is a great way to nuke enemies teamed up, as well as clear out opponents trying to score goals.

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Pokemon Unite Gengar Special attacks

Special 1

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Basic Attack Basic Attack Every third hit becomes boosted dealing increased damage.  Level 1
Will-O-Wisp Will-O-Wisp Multiple phantom flames are shot out. Enemies hit receive damage and are burned. Level 5 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)
Shadow Ball Gengar throws out a Shadow orb which slows down enemies and lowers their Sp. Def stat. Level 11: Increased Damage. 
Sludge Bomb Sludge Bomb A flurry of sludge is thrown out, leaving opponents poisoned.  Level 11: Poison Damage time increased.  

Special 2

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Lick Lick Gengar uses its long tongue to pull enemies right next to it. Level 7 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)  
Dream Eater Dream Eater Enemies hit are put to sleep. Landing this move a second time damages them and heals the user of those points. Cooldown for Sludge and Shadow Ball are reduced. Level 13: Increased damage and HP restored.
Hex Hex Gengar disappears, before reappearing in a chosen location. Enemies caught in the AOE receive damage. Opponents already poisoned take increased damage. Level 13: Increased Damage. 
Phantom Ambush

(UNITE Move)

Phantom Ambush Gengar jumps to a specified location with a high-speed boost. Using the move again damages enemies in the AOE while also decreasing their speed.  Can be used starting Level 09

How to play Absol in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite Absol Profile

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According to TiMi Studios, Hoenn’s Absol is the perfect character for players that like to take on solo roles. The character’s devastating attack damage and insane speed allow it to roam around the map and target opponents that are wandering off on their own.

Those that want to sprint across the arena and snipe enemies should upgrade Feint with Pursuit at level 5. The ability allows Absol to jump to a specified location while turning its next attack into a charge attack – great for pouncing on top of unsuspecting opponents.

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We then recommend trading in Slash for Psycho Cut at level 7. The second ability not only slows down opponents’ movement but also buffs Absol’s basic attack. This means using Pursuit will not only convert its basic attack into a charge, but it will also have boosted damage if used after Psycho Cut is triggered.

The Gen III ‘mon’s Unite move, Midnight Slash, is extremely versatile. Not only can it deal an incredible amount of damage to multiple enemies at once, but it can also absolutely destroy a single opponent that is caught out on their own.

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Pokemon Unite Absol Special attacks

Special 1

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Basic Attack Basic Attack Every third hit is boosted and lowers the Sp. Def of enemies. Single opponents receive more damage.  Level 1
Feint Feint Absol dashes in an arc pattern, damaging any enemy it comes into contact with. Level 5 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)
Night Slash Night Slash Absol slashes forward reducing the speed of those it hits. If the move is used again, its critical damage is boosted.   Level 11: Using the move again heals HP. 
Pursuit Pursuit Absol dashes to a selected location. The next basic attack charges into an enemy.  Level 11: Increased movement speed.   

Special 2

Attack Icon Description Upgrade level 
Slash Slash Absol slashes with its claw, increasing its critical rate.  Level 7 (can be upgraded to one of the two following moves below)  
Psycho Cut Psycho Cut A giant slash is unleashed, lowering enemies’ speed. Each time the move is used, Absol’s basic attack is boosted in power.   Level 13: Absol’s speed is increased each time the move hits. 
Sucker Punch Sucker Punch Hits landed reduce enemies’ speed. If an opponent attacks you, the move will immediately retaliate.  Level 13: Basic attack speed is boosted for a limited time. 
Midnight Slash

(Unite Move)

Midnight Slash Absol slams down a wave of slashes on top of enemies. Those caught in AOE will have increased damage done to them. Can be used starting Level 9

Pokemon Unite officially makes its Nintendo Switch debut in July 2021, with its mobile launch on Android and iPhone devices happening in September.

Tune in to our guides on the 5v5 MOBA as we will be covering the best ways to play each ‘mon as well as the best team strategies for each map, and more.

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