Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival guide: start time, Greedent debut, new skins, unlocks

. 9 months ago
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TiMi Studios is celebrating the spooky season with the Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival. Here’s what you need to know about the Nintendo MOBA’s Fall event, including new holiday-themed skins, unlocks, and Greedent’s debut

Almost a half a year after its launch, Pokemon Unite is hosting its first in-game holiday-themed event with the Halloween Festival. The tropical climate of the Aeos Islands is being transformed into a chilling graveyard full of cobwebs and Jack-O-Lanterns.

TiMi Studios is also using the celebration to launch a flurry of new content. Here’s everything you can unlock during the spooky festivities, including limited-time clothing items, the much-anticipated Bandit Style Lucario skin, and more.


When does Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival start?

The Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival officially kicks off on Wednesday October 20, 2021. Due to the game running a worldwide clock, the start time will vary depending on your region:

  • 12 AM PT
  • 3 AM ET
  • 7 AM UTC
  • 8 AM BST

When does Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival end?

Even though Halloween takes place on October 31, TiMi Studios is giving players extra time to soak in the spooky fun. According to the official social media account, the Halloween Festival will end on Sunday, November 7.

New avatar clothing

Pikachu Halloween Mask Halloween Festival screenshot
TiMi Studios / The Pokemon Company
The Halloween Festival will include a flurry of new items to unlock.

Players who participate in the event will be able to score a handful of treats and goodies, such as new holiday-themed clothing items for your Trainer avatar.

From a witch hat to an adorable Pikachu Jack-O-Lantern mask, fans will be able to celebrate Halloween in style. There will also be exclusive decorations for your character profiles.

  • Pikachu Mask (Halloween)
  • Pointed Hat (Halloween)
  • Candy Bag (Halloween)
  • Character profile stickers & decorations

New Holowear

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Firefighter holowear Halloween Festival
TiMi Studios / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon will get new skins to dress up for Halloween.

Perfectly in theme with the holiday, a handful of Pokemon will get to dress up for Halloween with brand new Holowear. While the full list of ‘mon getting new costumes have not yet been revealed, below are the new skins seen in the trailer.

  • Blastoise – Firefighter
  • Slowbro – Bonfire
  • Eldegoss – Space Style
  • Lucario – Bandit Style
  • Wigglytuff – Sleepy Style
  • Zeraora – Unknown

New Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Greedent debut trailer
TiMi Studios / The Pokemon Company
The Galar squirrel makes its debut during Unite’s Halloween Festival.

Sword & Shield’s most hated (just kidding) Pokemon has finally arrived, as Greedent’s Pokemon Unite release date will be on Wednesday, October 20.

TiMi Studios is using the Trick-or-Treat holiday to debut the “tricky” ‘mon.

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