Pokemon Unite best Talonflame build – Moveset, Battle & Held Items

Pokemon Unite Talonflame buildNintendo / TiMi Studio

With the right build of Battle Items, Held Items, and the best moveset, the Kalos region’s firebird Talonflame can become one of the best characters in Pokemon Unite.

Speedsters represent some of the most popular fighters in Pokemon Unite. It’s rare to play a match without seeing at least a few of these lightning-fast fighters dashing around the stadium, and Talonflame is up there with Absol as the best of them.

But it’s not just a top-tier Speedster, it’s also one of the best characters in Pokemon Unite full stop (we placed it under the S-tier in our ranking), with incredible Mobility and great Scoring stats making up for a lack of Endurance.

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Below, you’ll find the best build for the Kalos region bird in Pokemon Unite, including the optimal move path and the items you should prioritize to turn Talonflame into the ultimate assassin on the battlefield.


Talonflame statsNintendo / TiMi Studio
Talonflame truly puts the speed in Speedster.

Best Talonflame build in Pokemon Unite

Whether you’re looking for the best moves to use or the Battle Items and Held Items that will take you straight to victory, we’ve got all the information you need to maximize Talonflame’s potential.

Talonflame moveset

Move Unlocked Upgrade
acrobatics Acrobatics Level 1 Level 7: Upgrades to Fly or Brave Bird.
Aerial Ace Level 5 Level 11: Increases damage dealt.
Brave Bird Brave Bird Level 7 Level 13: Reduces recoil damage.
flame sweep Flame Sweep (UNITE Move) Level 9

Fletchling can learn Peck or Acrobatics at the start of a match. It will get both moves eventually, but we recommend starting out with Acrobatics as the ability to make a quick getaway after attacking an opponent is ideal considering Talonflame’s low HP.

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At level 5, when Fletchling evolves into Fletchinder, it can learn Aerial Ace or Flame Charge. Both are dash attacks, but Aerial Ace excels for two reasons: It increases the damage of your next basic move when used, and also receives a sizable damage increase at level 11.

When Fletchinder reaches level 7, it’s a choice between Fly and Brave Bird. While Fly can give you a quick escape when overwhelmed, Brave Bird is a more powerful attack that can damage multiple opponents while also zooming out of the path of danger if needed.

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Best Talonflame Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Held Item Description Max Stat Boost
Pokemon Unite Float Stone Float Stone Increases movement speed and basic attack damage. Attack +24

Movement Speed +120

muscle band Muscle Band Increases basic attack damage. Attack +15

Basic Attack Speed +7.5%

Attack Weight Pokemon Unite Attack Weight Increases Attack stat after scoring a goal. Attack +18

Attack upon scoring a goal +12

  • Float Stone: When it comes to Held Items, Talonflame benefits greatly from Float Stone, which plays into its speedy nature with increased movement speed and a bonus boost to attack damage.
  • Muscle Band: Next, use Muscle Band for another boost to damage and basic attack speed.
  • Attack Weight: The final Held Item you should give Talonflame is down to personal preference, but considering Scoring is its second-best stat, our suggestion is to choose Attack Weight, as this handy item increases the user’s Attack stat when a goal is scored.

Best Talonflame Battle Items in Pokemon Unite

Battle Item Effect Cooldown Unlocked
X-Attack X-Attack Boosts Attack and Sp. Attack stat for 5 seconds. 40 Seconds Trainer Level 7
  • X-Attack: Normally we’d suggest Eject for a Pokemon with low Endurance, but considering several of Talonflame’s moves allow it to cover a lot of ground and make a quick getaway, a good Battle Item here is X-Attack. Combined with the move path and Held Items recommended above, this Attack-boosting Battle Item will help solidify Talonflame’s spot as an assassin on the battlefield.

Talonflame Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3024 200 58 20 40 3650
2 3071 207 61 21 42
3 3127 215 65 23 45
4 3195 225 70 25 48
5 3440 261 87 32 60
6 3538 275 94 35 65
7 3983 340 125 48 87
8 4124 361 135 52 94
9 4293 386 147 57 102
10 4495 416 161 63 112
11 4738 452 178 70 124
12 5029 495 199 79 138
13 5378 546 224 89 155
14 5797 607 254 102 175
15 6300 681 290 117 200

Talonflame Pokemon Unite evolution level

Trainers will begin each match with Fletchling and will need to reach Level 5 before evolving to Fletchinder. At Level 9, it will evolve into Talonflame.

Fletchling (Level 1) Fletchinder (Level 5) Talonflame (Level 9)
Fletchling Fletchinder Talonflame

How to unlock Talonflame in Pokemon Unite

There are currently three ways to unlock Talonflame in Pokemon Unite:

  • Choose it as your first Pokemon after completing the tutorial.
  • Purchase it with 6,000 Aeos Coins from the Unite Battle Committee Shop.
  • Purchase it with 345 Aeos Gems from the Unite Battle Committee Shop.

Best pairs for Talonflame

With high attack and low endurance, it’s essential that Talonflame is paired with a strong Supporter like Eldegoss or Blissey who can offer assistance and healing to keep it alive for as long as possible.

This is the best build for Talonflame in Pokemon Unite right now, but we’d encourage all Trainers to experiment with different move paths, Held Items, and Battle Items to see what works best for them.

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