Best Pokemon Unite Blastoise Build: Moveset, Held Items & Stats

Best Pokemon Unite Blastoise MovesetThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

The best Pokemon Unite Blastoise build utilizes the right moveset, Held Items, and Battle Items to kick the ’mon’s defences up a notch.

In Pokemon Unite, the Defender role consists of fighters who are meant to protect their teammates, and Blastoise’s moveset allows the ‘mon to do just that with a focus on status effects and crowd control abilities.

The popular water-type Squirtle evolution uses its tanky defensive shell to absorb damage while using its torrent of water attacks to leave enemies paralyzed, and is fantastic with the right Held Items and moves. This guide will take a look at the best Pokemon Unite Blastoise moveset for the free-to-play multiplayer.

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A screenshot showing Blastoise's stats in Pokemon Unite.Nintendo / TiMi Studio
The Gen I Water-type starter has finally arrived in Pokemon Unite.

Best Blastoise build Pokemon Unite

From Held Items to the best abilities that make up its moveset, here is everything you need to know about turning Blastoise into one of the most disruptive Defenders in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite Blastoise moveset

Move Unlocked At Upgrade Level
Pokemon Unite Blastoise Water Gun ability icon Water Gun (Ranged) Level 1 Level 4: Upgrades into either Hydro Pump or Water Spout.
Pokemon Unite Blastoise Hydro Pump ability icon Hydro Pump (Ranged) Level 5 Level 11: The move’s damage is increased.
Pokemon Unite Blastoise Surf ability icon Surf (Dash) Level 7 Level 13: Blastoise gets a shield when this move hits.
Pokemon Unite Blastoise Unite ability Hydro Typhoon icon Hydro Typhoon (Unite Move) Level 9

At the beginning of the match, Trainers should choose Water Gun first as it acts as a strong ranged attack to keep enemies at a distance. Once in your lane, you can use it to hit opposing players as the move also decreases their speed. This is great for slowing down escape attempts. The second move you will get is Skull Bash which paralyzes anyone that it hits. Using these two abilities back to back is a deadly combination.

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When Squirtle evolves into Wartortle at Level 5, we recommend choosing Hydro Pump. This powerful attack not only dishes out a large amount of damage, but it also has a Shove status effect which can be used to knock players off your goal zone. The move can be used both for interrupting goals, as well shoving players around in team fights. Hydro Pump can even be used to snipe min-bosses such as Drednaw or Zapdos.

After hitting Level 7, make sure to choose Surf as your final ability. Just like Slowbro, the move will act as a form of crowd control. You will use the move to dive into groups of enemies to shove and disrupt them. The upgraded version at Level 13 also gives you a shield, making Blastoise an even tankier defense.

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In the late game, players should be using the upgraded version of Surf to crash into team fights such as Zapdos, before popping off its Unite move Hydro Typhoon.

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Best Blastoise Pokemon Unite Held Items

Held Item What it Does Max Stat Boosts
Buddy Barrier Buddy Barrier When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, that ‘mon and the nearby ally with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to 40% of their max HP. HP + 600
Focus Band Focus Band When the Pokemon drops to low HP, then each second for three seconds, it recovers 8% of the HP it had lost. Def + 30
Sp. Def + 30
muscle band Muscle Band When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased 3% of the opposing Pokemon’s remaining HP. Attack + 15
Basic Attack Speed +7.5%
  • Buddy Barrier: Buddy Barrier has perfect synergy with Blastoise’s Unite move, Hydro Typhoon, as it gives the Pokemon multiple shields that stack. The Held Item also grants the Defender 600 HP at max level, truly making the Kanto starter a tank.
  • Focus Band: Because Blastoise will be diving into enemies regularly with its Surf ability, Focus Band will give the Defender enough extra survivability to escape each encounter. The add-on gives the tanky turtle that little extra HP to stay alive.
  • Muscle Band: Although the Water-type will mainly be used to stun and disrupt, Muscle Band will add extra damage to its Hydro Pump and Surf attacks. The Held Item will also give the Gen I character more power to its basic attack which really adds up over time.

Best Blastoise Battle Item Pokemon Unite

Battle Item What it Does Unlocked At
Pokemon Unite Battle Item Full Heal Full Heal Removes all status conditions and makes your Pokemon immune to hindrances for a short time. Trainer Level 14
Eject Button Eject Button Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction. Trainer Level 11
  • Full Heal: Because Blastoise will mainly be used for stunning and disrupting opposing team players, Full Heal can be used to protect you when diving into enemies. The Battle Item will ensure that you don’t get stunned and have your own moves interrupted.
  • Eject Button: The second item we recommend is Eject Button. Since Blastoise is a bulky Defender that will constantly be throwing itself into battle, Eject Button combined with Focus Band will allow you to escape and live to see another battle.

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Blastoise Pokemon Unite Stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3225 150 100 50 70 3700
2 3319 152 107 55 75
3 3432 154 116 61 81
4 3568 157 126 68 88
5 4060 168 163 95 114
6 4256 172 178 106 124
7 4491 177 196 119 137
8 4773 183 217 135 152
9 5769 205 293 190 205
10 6175 214 324 212 227
11 6662 225 361 239 253
12 7247 238 405 271 284
13 7948 252 458 310 321
14 8790 271 522 356 366
15 9800 293 599 412 420

Pokemon Unite Blastoise Evolution Level

Trainers will have to work their way to the tanky turtle, as the Pokemon has three evolution stages. Squirtle evolves starting at Level 5, with Wartortle evolving into Blastoise at Level 9.

Squirtle (Level 1) Wartortle (Level 5) Blastoise (Level 9)
Pokemon Unite Squirtle character model icon Pokemon Unite Wartortle Character Model Icon Pokemon Unite Blastoise Character Model Icon

How to unlock Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

To unlock Blastoise in Pokemon Unite, there are two different methods available:

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  • Purchase it with 8,000 Aeos Coins from the Unite Battle Committee Shop.
  • Purchase it with 3460 Aeos Gems from the Unite Battle Committee Shop.

Blastoise Holowear skins in Pokemon Unite

Blastoise currently has two Holowear skins available in Pokemon Unite. The Firefighter Style is available for 1,200 Aeo Gems, whereas the Fashionable Style can be purchased for a much cheaper price of 400 Aeos Gems.

While Blastoise’s Fashionable Style is a simple reskin (and a very fancy one, at that), equipping the Firefighter Style Holowear will provide the ‘mon with some unique KO and movement animations.

Fashionable Style Firefighter Style
The Fashionable Style Holowear for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite The Firefighter Style Holowear for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

Best pairs for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite

As a Defender Pokemon, taking Blastoise into battle alongside Attackers such as Greninja, Cinderace, or Pikachu is a great choice, allowing both to benefit from the other. The move Surf is perfect to utilize as a form of crowd control, giving any Attacker mon an inning to dive in and do some real damage.

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So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about Blastoise’s best build, Battle Items, and Held Items in Pokemon Unite.

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