Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour schedule for October 2022


Niantic has revealed the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour schedule for October 2022. With Purrloin, Haunter, and Misdreavus all making boosted appearances, there’s plenty to look forward to.

The Spotlight Hour is one of the weekly events that Niantic hosts in Pokemon Go. Each week, a different Pokemon will get a turn in the limelight, offering highly boosted spawn rates and a special double bonus.

For one hour, Trainers will get the chance to catch as many of that specific species as they can, offering the perfect opportunity to fill out their Pokedex and earn enough Candy to evolve and power up that Pokemon.

Alongside these Spotlight Hours, a Community Day starring Litwick will take place on October 15. All of these events are designed to give Trainers opportunities to catch, evolve, and battle with the community.

Here’s everything you need to know about the October 2022 Spotlight Hour schedule.


What is the next Pokemon Spotlight Hour? Date, time & bonus

Next up, Purrloin!

Purrloin appearing in the Pokemon Go Spotlight HourNiantic
The next Spotlight Hour star is the Dark-type Purrloin.

Niantic has confirmed that the next Spotlight Hour will be Purrloin, and it goes live on Tuesday, October 4, 2022.

The Pokemon will be appearing more frequently in the wild for a short period of time, between 6PM-7PM local time. This means you’ll be able to take part and catch it wherever you are playing in the world.

On top of that, players will be able to grab Double Evolution XP as part of the event bonuses as well.

Is there a Shiny Purrloin in Pokemon Go?

The bad news is that Shiny Purrloin is currently unavailable in Pokemon Go, which means that its evolution Liepard also cannot be Shiny.

Pokemon Go October 2022 Spotlight Hour schedule

You can see the full Spotlight Hour schedule for October 2022 below:

Spotlight Hour Date Spotlight Hour Time Spotlight Pokemon Spotlight Bonus Can it be Shiny?
October 4 6PM – 7PM Purrloin 2x Evolution XP No
October 11 6PM – 7PM Haunter 2x Catch Stardust No
October 18 6PM – 7PM Misdreavus 2x Catch XP Yes
October 25 6PM – 7PM Shuppet 2x Evolution XP Yes

How to prepare for Purrloin Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go

As the Spotlight Hours only last for 60 minutes, there are a number of things you can do to prepare in order to make sure you don’t waste any precious time:

  • Make sure you have enough Poke Balls to catch multiple Spotlight Hour Pokemon.
  • Make sure you have enough Berries to get double Candy or make catching easier.
  • Clear out your Pokemon Storage Box to make room for all the Pokemon you’ll catch.
  • Save up your PokeCoins and purchase an Incense for the event.

Alongside these tips, Spotlight Hours are the perfect opportunity to use any spare items like Lucky Eggs or Star Pieces to increase the XP you’ll earn during the event.

Pokemon Go Spotlight HourNiantic
Spotlight Hours give you a better chance to catch Shiny Pokemon.

Spotlight Hour Spawn Rate & Shiny Rate

The spawn rate of each Spotlight Hour Pokemon is boosted for 60 minutes during these events, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to catch each species, especially if you’re using Incense and Lures.

As a result, the spawn rate of each Shiny variation is boosted too. Many trainers use Spotlight Hours to fill out their Shiny collection, so this is the perfect chance for you to do the same!

This will be especially useful now that Niantic has introduced new Pokedex classifications to display your Shiny, Lucky, Event, and more Pokemon variants.

That’s everything we know about the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours for October 2022. Every week will feature a different Pokemon and event bonus, so check back later in the month for more details!