Pokemon UNITE Battle Items list & how they work: Eject Button, Potion, more

Pokemon Unite Battle ItemsThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Pokemon UNITE lets Trainers pick from a list of Battle Items to heal their Pokemon’s HP and status conditions in battle. From the Eject Button, to Potions, and X-Attack, there are a few to choose from to help you secure those wins.

Pokemon UNITE currently has over 20 ‘mon to choose from, and each will benefit from choosing different Battle Items to take with you. Just like Game Freak’s RPGs, Trainers will be able to heal their character’s HP and status conditions.

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The team-based MOBA features 8 classic items to aid you in battle within the game. Below, we will break down how to use every Battle Item, and detail what they do.


Pokemon Unite Potion ItemThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Picking items such as the Potion can help you out in a pinch.

Battle Items list in Pokemon UNITE

The current 8 items available in-game are as follows:

Item What It Does Cooldown Trainer Level Unlocked
Eject Button Eject Button Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction. 55 seconds 11
Fluffy Tail Fluffy Tail Leaves wild Pokemon unable to act for a short time and also increases damage dealt to them. 25 seconds 10
Full Heal Full Heal Removes all status conditions from your Pokemon and makes it immune to hindrances for a short time. 40 seconds 14
Goal Getter Goal-Getter Doubles goal-scoring speed for a short time. 120 seconds 17
Pokemon Unite Potion Potion Restores some of your Pokemon’s HP. 30 seconds 3
Slow Smoke Slow Smoke Creates a cloud of smoke that greatly decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time. 40 seconds 13
X Attack X-Attack Raises your Pokemon’s Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time. 40 seconds 7
X-Speed X-Speed For a short time, increases your Pokemon’s movement speed and prevents their movement speed from being decreased. 40 seconds 8

How to get Battle Items

Battle Items are only able to be obtained by reaching the specific level listed above. You’ll need to play through a whole bunch of matches before you’re able to pick and choose just which item you want to use.

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How Battle Items in Pokemon UNITE work

In Pokemon UNITE, Trainers can only bring ONE Battle Item into a match. These carried objects can heal health, clear status conditions, and boost stats temporarily.

Battle Items are chosen before each battle, and can not be changed once the fight has started. Players can unlock more items the higher their Trainer level is increased.

For everything you need to know about Held Items (which are different), check out our guide here.

So, there you have it. That’s the full list of Battle Items in Pokemon UNITE.

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