Pokemon Unite best Sylveon build – Moveset, Battle & Held Items

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sylveon pokemon unite best build
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If you want to master Attacker ‘mon Sylveon in Pokemon Unite, you’re going to need to know its best build which includes moveset, Battle Item, and Held Items.

As an Attacker, the popular Fairy-type focuses on dealing damage and warding the enemy team away from the goal.

It is important to learn the ropes to be a good team player in the Nintendo Switch and mobile MOBA, and doing so means getting to grips with how to play the Eeveelution. Here’s Sylveon’s best build in Pokemon Unite.


sylveon attacking in pokemon unite
TiMi Studios / The Pokemon Company
The Fairy-type has a variety of damage dealing moves.

Best Sylveon build Pokemon Unite

From the best moves to use to the Battle and Held items you need to get the most out of the Pokemon’s potential, here’s everything you need to know to mess up the battlefield with Sylveon.

Sylveon moveset

Move Unlocked At Upgrade Level
sylveon swift move pokemon unite
Swift Level 1 Level 7: Upgrades into Mystical Fire or Hyper Voice
sylveon mystic fire pokemon unite
Mystical Fire Level 7 Level 10: Gives Sylveon one more flame
sylveon draining kiss pokemon unite
Draining Kiss Level 6 Level 12: Increases move’s HP restoration.
sylveon fairy frolic pokemon unite
Fairy Frolic (Unite Move) Level 8

At the beginning of the match, Eevee should choose Swift. This move damages opponents by shooting star-like discs at them.

Once you hit Level 2, learn Baby Doll Eyes: an move that not only deals damage, but also decreases the enemy’s Attack – perfect for when you’re in a group and have them surrounded.

At Level 6, Draining Kiss takes over Baby Doll Eyes, and at level 7, Mystical Fire replaces Swift as one of the best Sylveon moves to use.

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Best Sylveon Held Items in Pokemon Unite

  • Focus Band: Focus Band gives Sylveon a nice Defense boost, giving it an extra edge when charging in and attacking foes. When combined with the Band’s HP boost, it means you’re more likely to come out on top in a skirmish.
  • Wise Glasses: Because the Gen VI ‘mon relies on its Special Attacks, the Sp. Atk boost from the Wise Glasses helps to boost damage, making it insanely useful to have.
  • Shell Bell: Like the previous Held Item, the Shell Bell also raises Sylveon’s Sp. Atk stat. Not only that, but it also heals depending on how high its Special Attack is. Combined with the Wise Glasses, it makes the Attacker an absolute powerhouse.

Best Sylveon Battle Item in Pokemon Unite

Held Item What it Does Max Stat Boost
Focus Band
Focus Band Recovers HP for three seconds when the Pokemon drops to low HP. Defense +30

Sp. Defense +30

Pokemon Unite Wise Glasses item
Wise Glasses Increases Sp. Atk by 5%. Sp. Atk + 39
Pokemon Unite Shell Bell item
Shell Bell When the Pokemon hits with a move, it recovers a minimum of 60 HP. The higher the Pokemon’s Sp. Atk, the more HP it recovers. Sp. Atk + 24

Move Cooldown -4.5%

Battle Item What it Does Unlocked At
Eject Button
Eject Button Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction. Trainer Level 11
  • Eject Button: Equipping the Eject Button as your Battle Item is the best choice for Sylveon. As an Attacker, Sylveon gets right into the fight and can sometimes find itself in a sticky situation. This item means you can escape fast – or zip to a fleeing enemy to finish them off.

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Sylveon Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3280 167 52 50 38
2 3489 171 57 64 41
3 3584 176 62 80 45
4 4068 201 89 162 65
5 4195 208 96 183 70
6 4340 216 104 207 76
7 4507 225 113 235 83
8 4699 235 124 267 91
9 4920 247 136 304 100
10 5174 260 150 347 110
11 5467 275 166 396 122
12 5804 293 183 453 136
13 6191 313 207 518 152
14 6636 336 232 593 170
15 7148 363 260 679 191

Sylveon Pokemon Unite evolution level

Trainers will need to reach Level 4 to evolve Eevee into Sylveon.

Eevee (Level 1) Sylveon (Level 4)
eevee pokemon unite
sylveon pokemon unite

How to unlock Sylveon in Pokemon Unite

There are two ways to unlock Sylveon in Pokemon Unite:

  • Purchase with 10,000 Aeos Coins in the Unite Battle Committee Shop
  • Purchase with 575 Aeos Gems in the Unite Battle Committee Shop

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So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about the best Sylveon build and moveset in Pokemon Unite.

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