12 best Fairy-type Pokemon ranked: Togekiss, Sylveon, Zacian & more

Pokemon Best Fairy TypesThe Pokemon Company

Fairy-type Pokemon have a good reputation for being both cute and deadly, so here are the best and strongest ones that you need to take home that victory across games like Pokemon Go, Diamond & Pearl, or Sword & Shield.

They may not be as common as Water, Psychic, and Fire-types within the franchise, and they may not be as well-rounded as Normal-types, but it’s definitely worth your time seeking out a strong set of Fairy-type Pokemon as they can be a powerful asset.

Perhaps most importantly, Fairies are well-known Dragon killers. Before they were introduced in Gen VI, Dragon-types were widely considered to be the most powerful – but this added vulnerability to Fairy Pokemon puts a kink in their armor.

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Not all of them are going to be worth your time, though, and there are a few duds hidden among the gems, so let’s look at the best Fairy Pokemon that are worth taking the time to catch and level up.


Zacian best Fairy PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Zacian takes the cake when it comes to the most powerful fairy Pokemon.

The best and strongest Fairy-type Pokemon

Currently, the best Fairy Pokemon in the franchise is Zacian. This Legendary wolf-like Pokemon was first introduced as a mascot in Sword & Shield and has definitely earned itself a place on any trainer’s team.

Even though Zacian tops our list, there are loads more Fairy-type Pokemon that are worth adding to your roster. Our list below will help you pick out the cutest and strongest Fairies throughout the franchise.

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12. Florges

The Fairy type Florges in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company
Don’t let looks deceive you, as Florges is a huge threat in the right situation.

Florges definitely isn’t the most popular Fairy-type Pokemon, but it does have quite a few standout features that should make you at least consider giving it a spot on your team.

The first thing we need to mention is that massive 154 Special Defense stat, which is one of the highest of any Pokemon in the franchise. Its regular Defense isn’t great (68), but its HP is decent enough (78) to make it a sponge for Special attacks.

It also has a surprisingly impressive 111 Special Attack which, when combined with STAB moves like Moonblast and Dazzling Gleam, can be absolutely deadly on the battlefield. Underestimate Florges at your own risk.

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11. Enamorus

Pokemon Legends Arceus catching Enamorus battle screenshot.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
The new Legendary Enamorus made its debut in Legends Arceus.

Enamorus was the only completely new Legendary to debut in Pokemon Legends Arceus, adding a fourth member to the Forces of Nature squad, and it flies straight onto our list of the best Fairy-type Pokemon.

It has 580 total base stats to play with, which are split differently depending on which form you choose: Incarnate gets a massive 106 Speed while Therian focuses on Defense and Special Defense. Both forms can pack a huge punch, though, with 115 Attack and 135 Special Attack.

It’s too early to tell whether Enamorus will have any impact on the competitive scene in the future, especially as Legends Arceus simplified many aspects of battle with no abilities and a reduced move pool, but right now it looks like it has a lot of potential.

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10. Togekiss

Togekiss PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Togekiss may be outclassed now, but it’s still worth your time.

For a long time, Togekiss was considered one of the best Fairy-types in the game. While it’s since been overtaken by more recent additions to the Pokedex, there’s still a place for this creature in your collection.

Being a dual Fairy/Flying-type makes it a very unique combination, and it has an impressive Special Attack base stat of 120 and Special Defense base state of 115. With moves like Charm and Dazzling Gleam, it can become quite a powerful force.

9. Grimmsnarl

GrimmsnarlGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Grimmsnarl is as strong as it is scary.

When Grimmsnarl made its debut in Sword & Shield, it turned heads as one of the most unique-looking Fairies in the franchise. Its harsh design hasn’t put players off incorporating it into their teams, though, as it’s actually quite a decent fighter.

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Dark/Fairy typing means it only has two weaknesses, Fairy and Steel, and there aren’t too many of those types around. Meanwhile, a base Attack stat of 120, coupled with a big selection of Physical coverage moves, makes it very powerful against a range of opponents.

Grimmsnarl does have several weak points, though. It’s very slow with a Speed base stat of 60, meaning it will rarely get to attack first, and its Defense base stat of 65 means it won’t put up much of a fight if you’re playing the long game. Use this one wisely.

8. Sylveon

Pokemon Sylveon AnimeThe Pokemon Company
Sylveon may be cute, but it’s also deadly.

As far as appearances go, the pink-and-white Sylveon is one of the cutest Fairy-types going. Being an evolution of Eevee, it was always going to become a fan favorite – but it’s also proven its ability on the battlefield.

Sylveon’s ability Pixilate boosts any Normal-type move by 20% and turns it into a Fairy-type attack, meaning a powerful move like Hyper Beam with its 150 base power can be boosted by 20% and given same-type attack bonus (STAB).

Its total base stats of 525 may be pretty low compared to the other Pokemon on this list, but it stands out when it comes to Special Defense (130) and Special Attack (115). It has a decent HP base stat of 95, too, which isn’t too shabby.

7. Gardevoir

GardevoirThe Pokemon Company
Gardevoir is popular for many reasons, not just its design.

One of Gen III’s most recognizable Pokemon is Gardevoir. Originally a pure Psychic-type, the fan-favorite became a dual Psychic/Fairy-type from Gen VI onwards – a change that boosted both its popularity and its usefulness.

Gardevoir’s Attack base stat (65) and Defense base stat (65) are relatively poor, but it excels when it comes to Special Attack (125) and Special Defense (115), and has access to some useful support moves like Healing Wish and Trick, as well as some powerful STAB-boosted moves like Psyshock and Moonblast.

It has some great abilities, too. Trace copies the opponent’s ability when switched in, which can work heavily in its favor, while Synchronize passes on any status effects onto the opponent. Overall, Gardevoir may not last long on the battlefield, but it will leave an impact.

6. Clefable

Clefable PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Clefable is a classic that still packs a punch.

Gen 1’s signature Fairy-type Clefable may seem like a relatively insignificant Pokemon when compared to the other powerful creatures on this list. But you would be wrong to dismiss it entirely, as it has a few important factors working in its favor.

The ability Magic Guard prevents indirect damage, meaning Clefable won’t have to worry about status effects like Burn and Poison or attacks like Leech Seed. This also means it can hold the Life Orb – an item that boosts power but inflicts damage on the user – without taking damage.

Clefable also has great coverage, with access to powerful moves from a wide variety of types such as Flamethrower (Fire), Ice Beam (Ice), Shadow Ball (Dark), Thunderbolt (Electric), and Psychic (Psychic), which gives it an advantage in almost any situations.

Stats-wise, it’s not the most exciting of the Fairy-types, but with an HP base state of 95, a Special Attack base state of 95, and a Special Defense base stat of 90, it can definitely stand its ground in battle.

5. Tapu Fini

Tapu Fini PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Tapu Fini might be the best Guardian Deity.

When Pokemon Sun & Moon debuted, it introduced the Guardian Deities, four Fairy-type Legendaries that each have their own secondary type. They’re all great choices, but we think that the Fairy/Water-type Tapu Fini is the standout, especially if you’re looking for a defensive Pokemon.

Tapu Fini has the highest Defense base stat (115) and Special Defense base stat (130) of all four of the Guardian Deities, while its typing leaves it immune to Dragon-type moves and resistant to common Fire, Fighting, Bug, Dark, Ice, and Water-type moves, making it one of the best bulky Pokemon around.

Access to Calm Mind helps increase its Special Attack and Special Defense, while its ability Misty Surge protects Tapu Fini from status conditions and halves damage from Dragon-type moves, living up to the Fairy-type reputation of being Dragon slayers.

4. Diancie

DiancieThe Pokemon Company
Diancie has an incredibly high Defense stat.

Gen VI’s Mythical creature Diancie is one of the strongest Fairy-type Pokemon in the series, falling only behind Xerneas and Zacian when it comes to total base stats, where it racks up a total of 600.

It has the highest Defense base stat of any Fairy-type (150) and a matching Special Defense base stat, while its Attack and Special Attack base stats both sit pretty at 100. This means it’s flexible and can either be used as a wall or as a heavy hitter.

Diancie is hindered by its typing, though. Being a dual Fairy/Rock-type means it has four weaknesses, and it’s especially vulnerable to Steel-type attacks. This makes Diancie a precarious choice to take into battle, but one that could be well-rewarded in the right situation.

3. Magearna

Magearna PokemonThe Pokemon Company
The Mythical Magearna is a top choice for Fairy fans.

Next up, we have another Mythical addition to the list: Gen VII’s artificial Pokemon Magearna.

The standout feature of Magearna is that it’s the heavily sought-after dual Fairy/Steel-type, giving it an incredible amount of type resistances and rendering it immune to both Poison and Dragon-type attacks.

When it comes to stats, this Pokemon excels specifically in Special Attack, where it has a whopping 130 base stat. Couple this with the ability Soul-Heart, which raises Magearna’s Special Attack every time a Pokemon faints, and it’s beastly.

Magearna has access to a wide range of move types, so a combination like Shift Gear, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and Focus Blast will make it a powerful attacker against a huge range of opponents. With 115 base stats in both Defense and Special Defense, it can take any damage that manages to get through.

2. Xerneas

Xerneas PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Xerneas is an incredibly powerful Legendary.

Pokemon X’s cover star Xerneas was the first-ever Fairy-type Legendary in the franchise, and it lived up to those great expectations by becoming easily one of the best Fairies in the game.

What makes Xerneas so special is its signature move Geomancy, which raises the user’s Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed by two stages. While it does take two turns to charge, if Xerneas is holding the Power Herb, it can pull off the move in just one turn.

Considering its base Special Attack is already very high at 131, and that it has a wide pool of moves that can take advantage of this including Moonblast and Focus Blast, it’s no wonder why many trainers considered Xerneas to be OP.

In terms of abilities, Xerneas has a signature ability called Fairy Aura, which makes Fairy-type attacks even stronger. Combined with STAB, this makes it an incredibly powerful Fairy attacker.

1. Zacian

Crowned Sword ZacianThe Pokemon Company
Zacian more than lives up to its Legendary title.

While Xerneas may be one of the best Fairies you can have on your team, it’s beaten out ever-so-slightly by Zacian, the franchise’s latest Fairy-type Legendary that appeared as the mascot of Pokemon Sword.

Zacian is powerful enough in its standard Hero of Many Battles form, with a total base stat of 670. Highlights include an impressive 138 Speed, a powerful 130 Attack, and a solid 115 Defense. This alone would make it one of the best choices here.

But give it a Rusted Sword to hold, and it becomes the epic Fairy/Steel-type Crowned Sword Zacian, the most powerful Fairy-type ever to grace the series. It has a whopping 720 base stat, putting it on par with the Mythical (and Godly) Arceus.

As well as boosting its base Attack to an earth-shattering 170, Zacian’s ability Intrepid Sword gives it a one-stage boost to Attack when switched into battle, making it an absolute machine with moves like Behemoth Blade and Close Combat.

It’s safe to say that Zacian, in either its Hero of Many Battles or Crowned Sword form, is the greatest Fairy-type in Pokemon history. We doubt that will change anytime soon.

The worst Fairy-type Pokemon

Aromatisse Pokemon fairy typeThe Pokemon Company
Aromatisse is one of the slowest Fairy-type mon that you’ll come across.

While there are plenty of Fairy-type Pokemon you’re going to want to bring into battle, there are also some that you should avoid. We’d recommend skipping the likes of Aromatisse, Cottonee, and Shiinotic from your parties if you’re looking to stand a chance at survival.

The likes of Aromatisse’s base speed of 29 and Shiinotic’s 30 will not do you any favors, as the stat primarily determines who will attack first in any given round.

Cottonee is in a much worse position with underwhelming stats across the board, most notably with a base Attack stat of 27 and a Special Attack of 37.

So, there you have it. That’s our list of the best Fairy Pokemon in the franchise, and the worst ones to make sure to avoid!

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