Pokemon Unite best Greedent build – Moveset, Battle & Held Items

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If you want to dominate matches as Defender ‘mon Greedent in Pokemon Unite, you need to know its best build of moveset, Held Items, and Battle Item.

As a Defender, the Normal-type Greedent focuses on protecting the rest of the team against enemy attacks and advances. It has a unique Berry feature that allows it to heal itself, which also plays into its moves and Unite Move.

It’s important to learn the ropes of the Nintendo Switch and mobile MOBA in order to be a good team player, and doing so means learning how to play the Gen VIII ‘mon. Here’s Greedent’s best build in Pokemon Unite.

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Greedent in Pokemon UniteNintendo / TiMi Studio
Greedent can be a tank with the right moveset and items.

Best Greedent build Pokemon Unite

From the best moves to the Battle Items and Held Items you need to unlock this Pokemon’s true potential, here’s everything you need to know to support your teammates as Greedent.

Greedent moveset

Move Unlocked At Upgrade Level
Tackle Tackle Level 1 Level 5: Upgrades to either Stuff Cheeks or Covet.
Stuff Cheeks Stuff Cheeks Level 5 Level 11: Increases the number of Berries the user drops from its tail
Belch Belch Level 7 Level 13: Increases damage dealt by this move
Berry Belly Flop Berry Belly Flop (Unite Move) Level 9

Skwovet can choose between Tackle and Defense Curl at the start of the match. You’ll get both eventually, but we recommend starting with Tackle, as it will help you farm EXP to evolve faster. The shield provided by Defense Curl will come in useful as you start to encounter other players later on.

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At Level 5, when Skwovet evolves into Greedent, you’ll be offered Stuff Cheeks or Covet. While the latter is good for dealing damage, Stuff Cheeks is best for playing into Greedent’s role as a Defender, as it drops several berries to recover HP (or a shield effect if you have full HP). It can also briefly increase Speed.

When Greedent reaches Level 7, it can learn Belch or Bullet Seed. Again, if you’re committed to the role of Defender, you’ll want to choose Belch, as it not only deals AoE damage and decreases your opponent’s speed, it also lets Greedent consume all Berries in its tail, potentially giving it a big HP boost.

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With this moveset, Greedent benefits from HP recovery, buffs, and enemy debuffs, all of which will allow it to stay alive on the battlefield for longer, support its teammates, and also dish out some decent damage.

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Best Greedent Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Held Item What it Does Max Stat Boost
Weakness policy Unite Weakness Policy Increases the Pokemon’s Attack for a short time by a minimum of 2% when the Pokemon receives damage. This increase grows larger the more times damage is received. HP +210 Attack +15
Leftovers Held Item Leftovers When the Pokemon is not in combat, it recovers 1% of its max HP every second. HP + 240 Recovery + 9
Buddy Barrier Buddy Barrier When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, they and the nearby ally with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to 20% of their max HP. HP + 600
  • Weakness Policy: This is the perfect Held Item for Greedent as it is incredibly useful when escaping narrow situations, boosting Attack when it receives damage. It is also good when you’re in a 1v1 skirmish.
  • Leftovers: Because the Gen VIII ‘mon is a Defender, it is one of the most important roles to prevent being knocked out. Leftovers help this by restoring 1% HP every second it’s out of battle.
  • Buddy Barrier: Most of the time, you’ll be in a group when playing as the Normal-type. Buddy Barrier gives you and your nearby teammate a shield when you use your Unite Move, ideal for taking on Drednaw or Rotom.

Best Greedent Battle Item in Pokemon Unite

Battle Item What it Does Unlocked At
Eject Button Eject Button Quickly moves your Pokemon in the designated direction. Trainer Level 11
  • Eject Button: Equipping the Eject Button as your Battle Item is the best choice for Greedent. As a Defender, the ‘mon can find itself in some sticky situations, especially if ganged up on and outnumbered. The item allows it to escape quickly to avoid being knocked out.

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Greedent Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3280 170 75 20 60
2 3135 174 83 22 67
3 3290 178 92 24 75
4 3469 183 103 27 84
5 4285 206 151 40 124
6 4522 213 165 44 136
7 4794 221 181 48 149
8 5107 230 199 53 164
9 5467 240 220 59 182
10 5882 252 244 66 202
11 6359 266 272 74 225
12 6908 282 304 83 252
13 7539 300 341 93 283
14 8265 321 384 104 319
15 9099 345 433 117 360

Greedent Pokemon Unite evolution level

Trainers will start the match with Skwovet, which evolves into its final form Greedent at Level 5.

Skwovet (Level 1) Greedent (Level 5)
skwovet pokemon unite greedent pokemon unite

How to unlock Greedent in Pokemon Unite

There are three ways to unlock Greedent in Pokemon Unite right now:

  • Exchange it for 70 Pumpkins during the Halloween Festival.
  • Purchase it for 8,000 Aeos Coins in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.
  • Purchase it for 460 Aeos Gems in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.

If you want to get Greedent for free, you’ll need to earn enough Pumpkins during the Halloween Festival by completing challenges and log-in bonuses. Then, you can swap it at the Pumpkin Exchange!

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So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about the best Greedent build and moveset in Pokemon Unite.

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