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Pokemon Unite best Mamoswine build – Moveset, Battle & Held Items

Published: 29/Sep/2021 11:21

by Daniel Megarry


Trainers looking for the best Mamoswine build in Pokemon Unite have come to the right place. When using an optimal build of moveset, Battle Items, and Held Items, this Defender can become a force to be reckoned with.

In Pokemon Unite, the new MOBA title on Switch and mobile, Defenders play an important role. As well as protecting their weaker teammates from defeat, these tanky creatures need to defend goals to stop the opposing team from scoring.

Mamoswine is the latest Defender to join the Pokemon Unite roster, following closely behind Blastoise, and it’s a great choice for crowd control. It uses a mix of Ice-type and Ground-type moves to deal huge damage and stun enemies in their tracks.


Below, you’ll find the Sinnoh region Pokemon’s best build in Pokemon Unite, including the move path you should follow and the items to choose that will make it an indispensable addition to any team.


Pokemon Unite Mamoswine stats
Nintendo / TiMi Studio
Mamoswine is a tanky Defender that specializes in crowd control.

Best Mamoswine build in Pokemon Unite

From the best move path to follow, through to the Battle Items and Held Items that will give you that edge over the competition, here’s everything you need to know to maximize Mamoswine’s abilities.

Mamoswine moveset

Move Unlocked Upgrade
Pokemon Unite Ice Shard Ice Shard Level 1
Pokemon Unite Icicle Crash Icicle Crash Level 6 Level 12: The final icicle leaves the opposing Pokémon it hits unable to act for a short time.
Earthquake Earthquake Level 8 Level 14: Decreases movement speed of opposing Pokemon and increases pulling effect.
Mammoth Mash Mammoth Mash (Unite Move) Level 10

Swinub can choose between Tackle or Ice Shard at the start of the match. You’ll get both moves eventually, but we’d recommend choosing Ice Shard first as it deals more damage and is great for farming XP, which you’ll need for Swinub’s slow evolution path.


At Level 6, when Swinub evolves into Piloswine, you’ll be offered Icicle Crash or Ice Fang. To play into Mamoswine’s great crowd control potential, go with Icicle Crash, a surprisingly powerful move that can damage multiple enemies in the area of effect.

When Piloswine reaches Level 8, it’s a choice between Earthquake and High Horsepower. Both are great moves, but if your goal is to help your teammates and defend your goals, choose Earthquake for its crowd control factor and the ability to stun enemies.

Best Mamoswine Held Items in Pokemon Unite

Held Item Description Max Stat Boost
muscle band Muscle Band Increases basic attack damage. Attack +15

Basic Attack Speed +7.5%

Focus Band Focus Band Recovers HP for three seconds when the Pokemon drops to low HP. Defense +30

Sp. Defense +30

Pokemon Unite Held Item Buddy Barrier Icon Buddy Barrier When using a Unite Move, the attacker and its lowest-HP ally gain a shield. HP +600
  • Muscle Band: Muscle Band is a great Held Item for any Pokemon in Unite, as it increases Attack Damage and boosts Basic Attack Speed. For Mamoswine, this means its already-potent moves become even deadlier – which is great for supporting your teammates.
  • Focus Band: The Defense boost provided by Focus Band will make Mamoswine even tankier, while the HP replenishing effect should help Mamoswine stay alive after diving into groups of enemies with its crowd control moves like Earthquake.
  • Buddy Barrier: Any Defender will benefit from using Buddy Barrier, so it’s an easy choice for Mamoswine. As well as granting the user and a nearby ally a shield when using a Unite Move, it also provides +600 HP when maxed out with Item Enhancers.

Best Mamoswine Battle Items in Pokemon Unite

Battle Item Effect Cooldown Unlocked
Pokemon Unite Battle Item Eject Button Icon Eject Moves to a specified direction immediately. 55 Seconds Trainer Level 11
  • Eject: Mamoswine doesn’t need too much help in the HP or Attack department, so there’s not really any need for Potions or X Attacks. The Eject Button, however, is a great escape plan in case Mamoswine gets overwhelmed with enemies while defending its teammates.

Mamoswine Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3280 170 85 20 65
2 3371 172 91 21 70
3 3480 175 98 23 75
4 3611 178 107 25 81
5 3769 182 118 27 89
6 4277 194 152 35 114
7 4505 200 167 38 125
8 4778 207 185 42 139
9 5106 215 207 47 155
10 6136 240 276 63 206
11 6608 251 308 70 229
12 7174 265 346 79 257
13 7854 281 391 89 291
14 8669 301 445 101 331
15 9648 325 510 116 379

Pokemon Unite Mamoswine evolution level

Trainers will start the match with Swinub, which evolves into Piloswine at Level 6, and finally evolves into Mamoswine at Level 10.


Swinub Piloswine (Level 6) Mamoswine (Level 10)
Swinub Piloswine Mamoswine

How to unlock Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite

There are currently two ways to unlock Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite:

  • Purchase it with 8,000 Aeos Coins in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.
  • Purchase it with 460 Aeos Gems in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.

That’s everything you need to know about mastering Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite. As always, though, we recommend all Trainers try out different moves and items to see what works best for them.

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