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The hugely anticipated GTA 6 has finally been officially revealed with Rockstar releasing the first trailer and giving fans a look at the game’s setting, characters, and release date. Here’s everything we know about GTA 6 so far, including all the leaks and rumors.

After years of speculation, fans have finally got an official look at GTA 6 with Rockstar sharing the initial trailer for the game in December 2023. As the follow-up to the beloved GTA 5, the upcoming installment is bound to be a massive deal when it launches and fans have quickly dissected all the information they can from the brief glimpse of the game the trailer provides.

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If you’re wondering about all the information surrounding GTA 6 that’s available right now, we’ve got you covered right here with all the details you need including all the official news, as well as leaks and rumours.

So, here’s everything we know so far about the next GTA game.


When is GTA 6 coming out?

Grand Theft Auto 6 is scheduled to release in 2025, as per the game’s first official trailer.

While the exact date remains unknown, the December 2023 trailer confirmed that GTA 6 is: “Coming 2025.”

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The game, which was first announced in February 2022, was previously expected to arrive in 2024, at least according to reputable insiders. But now, with a clear timeframe, fans can eagerly count down to the arrival of this highly-anticipated installment in the iconic GTA series.

Does GTA 6 have a trailer?

Yes, GTA 6’s first official trailer was released on December 4 and was titled “Trailer 1.”

The Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer was released earlier than expected after a massive leak was shared on X just hours before Rockstar’s premiere was scheduled.

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The trailer introduces Lucia, GTA 6’s first female protagonist, who appears to be involved in a Bonnie and Clyde-style crime spree with her partner.

Scenes of armed robbery, police chases, and general mayhem are shown throughout the trailer, emphasizing the franchise’s traditional focus on criminal activities and satirical takes on American culture​.

What platforms will GTA 6 be on?

According to Rockstar Games’ latest official announcement, Grand Theft Auto VI is set to arrive in 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. As of now, there’s no official release window for a PC version of the game.

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This current focus on next-generation consoles aligns with Rockstar’s traditional release strategy, which typically sees their major titles initially launching on consoles before eventually expanding to PC. However, there will be no launch on last-gen consoles like Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Given this historical pattern, it’s reasonable to speculate that a PC release might follow, but as of this moment, no specific plans have been disclosed.

For now, GTA 6 appears to be a console-exclusive title, and fans eagerly awaiting a PC version will likely need to stay tuned for any future announcements from Rockstar Games.

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GTA 6 setting, location and map size

GTA 6 is set to take players back to very familiar Vice City, a fictional location based in Miami, Florida.

This return to Vice City features sunny skies, palm trees, beaches, a thriving nightlife, and prominent signage, including a giant “VICE” sign showcased in the trailer. The setting was similar to that of a Floridian environment with key elements such as abundant alligators.

In this modern-day Vice City, players will navigate what appears to be a massive map that captures the essence of Florida’s unique landscape. The trailer teases a varied terrain, from bustling city streets to swamps, hinting at a map size that promises extensive exploration opportunities.

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GTA 6 swampsRockstar Games
Leonida’s diverse landscape was on full display in the first-ever GTA 6 trailer

Previously, leakers have claimed that Vice City wouldn’t be the focal point, though, noting that the whole state of Florida would be involved. In that scenario, they claim that the map would take place in a modern-day version of Miami, as well as be the size of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 combined.

Most recently, however, industry analyst Michael Pachter has gone on record to claim GTA 6 will feature multiple continents. “My understanding is that it is a mashup of Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City, and Europe. London for sure,” he said in March 2022.

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The latest rumors have suggested that the map is not only going to be the biggest Rockstar sandbox map yet, but it will also dwarf any of their previous efforts. If it’s chock full of detail and things to do, then be prepared to lose hundreds of hours exploring it.

Vice City map leaks – May 2021

New leaks surrounding the Vice City setting continue to come out of the woodwork. The leak, shared on Imgur, shows off a whole lot more detail in comparison to the leak previously shared back in 2018.

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In addition, a recent job listing on the Rockstar Job opening page revealed that the team had been looking for a VFX artist. This VFX artist would “help to immerse the player in a believable world, from using ambient effects for things like insects around the player and rain dripping off buildings up to large scale destruction events like skyscrapers crashing to the ground.”

Popular GTA YouTuber MrBossFTW made the link between the job listing and a possible new map set in Florida – could this possibly be Vice City?

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Growing GTA 6 map

A report by Bloomberg suggested that the working title of GTA 6 is Project Americas and that the game will be primarily set in a fictional version of Miami and its surrounding areas. 

The report also states that the game will evolve and grow over time, adding new cities and regions throughout its lifecycle. This would likely involve story content, expanding the world map or locations that can be visited. However, these updates could also come as part of an ever-expanding successor to GTA Online.

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Here, players can make out much more, including a road layout. The leak has excited fans everywhere on sites like Reddit, with user himikotogaas stating: “With how many times I’ve seen this now and how it just continuously keeps getting more and more added onto it, the more I hope it is legit.”

GTA 6 devs questionRockstar Games
GTA 6 will allegedly feature two protagonists inspired by Bonnie and Clyde.

GTA 6 story, plot and character rumors

GTA 6’s story appears to revolve around two protagonists – a groundbreaking move for the franchise.

For the first time in the series, a female protagonist, Lucia, steps into the spotlight, beginning her journey under the shadow of Vice City’s prison bars. She’s rumored to be joined by a male character, possibly named Jason, echoing the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

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This development was first teased in the 2022 leaks and suggests a storyline that will be focused on high-stakes drama and crime, fitting perfectly into the GTA universe’s notorious reputation.

This duo’s journey is rumored to be a rollercoaster of heists and close shaves with the law, potentially showcasing the character-switching mechanic that became a hallmark of GTA 5. The ability to alternate between characters could offer a dynamic storytelling perspective, allowing players to experience the plot from multiple angles.

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GTA 6 gameplay leak

On September 18, the gaming industry stood still for a moment as what appeared to be the very first GTA 6 gameplay spilled out online. First came a few smaller clips of various character animations, with many refusing to believe their legitimacy. Then came the more elaborate footage, with full robbery sequences and cop shootouts on display. Still, many were questioning if it was all just an elaborate fake given Rockstar’s secrecy.

Before long, journalist Jason Schreier confirmed with sources at the studio that these leaks were indeed real. More than 90 videos were shared as a hacker looked to “negotiate a deal” with the developers.

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Everything from confirmation on the return of Vice City as a central location to footage of both previously reported protagonists was revealed in the leak. Given nothing official had surfaced prior, no gameplay, no screenshots, not even a logo, this enormous info dump was among the biggest in gaming history.

Fortunately, Rockstar followed up to assure fans they don’t anticipate “any long-term effect on the development of ongoing projects.” Meaning GTA 6 should still be on track and not face any major delays in light of the leaks.

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Will there be crossplay in GTA 6?

Currently, none of Rockstar’s games have cross-play, and we do not currently know if GTA 6 will include the feature. While we still have no information regarding the feature in GTA 6, it’s likely that it could mark the first time the feature appears in one of their titles. 

This could allow players across all hardware to play together. Whether you’re on console or PC, you may be able to interact in GTA 6 without limitations.

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GTA 6 leaks and teasers

Plenty of other GTA 6 leaks have arisen surrounding the game, with a number of job listings from Rockstar North having been picked up by fans of the series, starting with Character Costume & Wardrobe Stylists.

Online characters sat around a poolRockstar Games
Teasers and leaks are everywhere for the game.

Most recently, fans of the franchise have speculated that Rockstar may have leaked GTA 6 screenshots into GTA Online via a new series of shirts that were added in a recent update.

Two alleged leaks went viral on Twitter on June 25, both claiming that GTA 6’s story will take place in Cuba, Colombia, and Miami. One of the leaks claims the game will be set in 2022 or 2023. The leaker ‘SaycheeseDGTL’ claims to have gotten the information from a “Rockstar Games Insider.”

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Of course, these leaks remain unconfirmed despite blowing up online, so fans should look at the information provided with some healthy skepticism.

Live event announcement

In June of 2021, Rockstar posted a job listing for a “Live Events Co-ordinator” on their website. This slither of information has led some GTA 6 fans to assume that an old leak about a live event announcement for GTA 6 is true.

According to the previous leak, GTA 6 will be introduced to fans over a set of live events and various updates to GTA Online. As always, these leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt, but the two may be connected.

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Upcoming trailers

In February 2021, a new job posting listed for a “Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist” for Rockstar’s New York studio made the likes of Reddit abuzz with its job description: “This role is responsible for shooting in-game footage for use in online and TV campaigns. The Gameplay Capture team works with our video editing and trailer teams to produce outstanding videos using exclusively in-game shots.”

Back in 2020, another job advert advertised was for a video editor, to produce compelling content in a “60-second format” – which sounds a lot like a trailer – and that was only posted in January 2021.

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A full year since this job posting and we received word from various insiders that a GTA 6 trailer was expected to arrive in Fall 2022. This didn’t happen.

Following on from the rumors above, Alex Gonzalez AKA El Nitro 56 is a hip-hop artist apparently working on GTA 6’s music. He has claimed that a trailer is imminent in a now-deleted Tweet. The fact that it’s been deleted got many fans curious and hopeful that it could actually be due.

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There have been some other possible teasers, too, including in the developer’s Christmas gift to influencers. The contents of the gift surfaced on social media and showcased a previously never-before-seen Rockstar logo patch that was themed in the flag of Colombia.

GTA Online advert for the VETIR truck.Rockstar Games
Players believe the font in the Vetir announcement hints at GTA 6.

Bitcoin feature currency leaks

Another feature leak claims that GTA 6 will feature some form of cryptocurrency, with players also seeing the return of the stock market. According to Tom Henderson, this feature will mainly come from some of the game’s higher-up characters, particularly when needing to transfer vast amounts of currency to the player character quickly.

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Vice City Online, Rockstar Cartel, and GTA 6 domain names

A Reddit user also previously pointed out that Take-Two Interactive had renewed two interesting domain names. The publishing parent of Rockstar Games has renewed gtavicecityonline, gtavi, and more recently, rockstarcartel.

Companies are known to renew their domain names regularly, even when they have no plans to utilize them, so take these domains with a grain of salt.

So, there you have it. All of the current leaks and information regarding GTA 6. For even more GTA content, check out our guides below:

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