New Rockstar Games job listing has GTA 6 fans hopeful for a trailer

GTA 6 job listingRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto fans continue to keep their hopes of a possible GTA 6 announcement alive and now, a recent job posting from Rockstar Games seems to suggest a trailer could be on the way.

Rockstar Games have been providing some nods to GTA 6 lately in the form of hidden messages and even GTA Online’s in-game adverts. Needless to say, the hype has steadily been growing and is reaching a boiling point.

Although the company has still yet to officially reveal anything, fans spotted quite the interesting job listing on the Rockstar careers page.

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The job posting is for a “Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist” in New York and some of the job description is intriguing to say the least.

GTA Online advert for the VETIR truck.Rockstar Games
Has Rockstar been hinting at GTA 6?

“This role is responsible for shooting in-game footage for use in online and TV campaigns,” the post reads, indicating that the gameplay collected seems to be for trailers.

Furthermore, it reads: “The Gameplay Capture team works with our video editing and trailer teams to produce outstanding videos using exclusively in-game shots.”

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While this could be for any of Rockstar’s games such as GTA Online or Red Dead Redemption, another part of the ad stands out and has fans hoping this is a sign that GTA 6 is finally on the way.

The qualifications ask that the candidate be a “World-class player of current platform (PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, PC) video game titles.”

Listing PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series on the list is key because so far, aside from backwards compatibility, Rockstar has yet to release a game for those consoles.

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Of course, it is known that GTA V is being ported onto next-gen systems and it is rumored that the original 3D trilogy is being remastered, so while this doesn’t outright exclude GTA 6, it’s something to keep in mind.

Frankin in GTA VRockstar Games
The hype for GTA 6 is growing each day.

Fans, however, remain hopeful yet skeptical. “Hopefully it’s for GTA VI but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s for GTA V E&E,” one wrote on Reddit.

Meanwhile, the user who originally posted the listing simply captioned the discovery with a thinking emoji.

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We’ll have to see what the future holds, but the hype for GTA 6 continues to surpass all expectations. When Rockstar finally reveals the game, guaranteed the internet will go nuts.

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