GTA Online players think newly-added shirts could be GTA 6 screenshots

GTA Online players find GTA 6 screenshotRockstar Games

Did Rockstar just added GTA 6 screenshots in GTA Online? Players have made a big discovery in a recent update and are looking for answers.

GTA 6 is one of, if not the most anticipated video game of all time despite not much being known about it at the moment.

Rockstar has made it clear the game is in development and plans for it to set “new benchmarks” in the entertainment medium, but aside from that, the company has been mum on details.

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Now, GTA Online players have noticed something quite odd about new shirts added to the game and believe that they might be screenshots from GTA 6.

GTA 6 by rockstar gamesRockstar Games
Players have been hungry for GTA 6 news.

Are these GTA 6 screenshots?

A series of new shirts added to the game feature strange-looking black and white photos that have players wondering if they’re from GTA 5 or the next entry in the franchise.

Two of the images in particular have caught the attention of players: a girl flipping the bird while sitting in a car and another of a rollercoaster with trees around it.

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One user noted on Reddit how in GTA Online, an NPC who gives the middle finger “never uses her right arm” further adding to the mystery. Additionally, there are no trees by the Del Perro Pier.

On GTA Forums, a player remarked how it, “doesn’t look like anywhere in LS” and the clouds don’t line up with GTA 5.

gta online shirtRockstar Games
Could these screenshots be from GTA 6?

“I noticed that day one of the DLC and I’m still not sure about it. I swear if they’ve just been casually hiding GTA VI screenshots in game assets,” they added.

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Some even theorized that with GTA 6 reportedly taking place in Vice City, the rollercoaster could be from a parody of Disney World, which is in Florida.

Of course, this isn’t the first time GTA 6 screenshots may have been inserted into another game. Back when GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition was released, fans suspected a photo of a house could be from GTA 6.

In any case, if Rockstar really has just casually insured GTA 6 screenshots into GTA Online, hopefully, we won’t have long to wait for a teaser trailer to finally drop.

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