GTA 6 fans blown away after “surreal” first look at Vice City map

Sam Comrie
an image of vice city in gta

Amid the breach within Rockstar Games, leaks of GTA 6’s Vice City map have already impressed fans as they praise the fresh iteration of the classic location.

On September 18, a vast array of internal Rockstar Games development material was leaked to the internet, showcasing over 90 videos of early GTA 6 footage. While the game is reportedly years away from releasing, it appears that the leaker may have more material to release.

Not only did these videos display new mechanics, but they also confirmed that the open-world title will be situated in Vice City.

With the game taking players back to the tropical city, many are already in awe of the revamped map.

Vice City map is a hit with GTA 6 fans

With GTA 4 and 5 debuting rebooted versions of Liberty City and San Andreas respectively, GTA 6’s expanded version of the Miami-inspired location has fans already overwhelmed by its potential.

Over on the GTA subreddit, fans such as MickeyHamfistsLC have praised early looks at Vice City: “Really puts into perspective how far we’ve come in graphics considering the leak is from Alpha testing.”

Another avid fan, ActualSunday, shared his positive response, explaining that it “honestly feels surreal to see a post like this.”

Despite this glimpse of the map coming from an early build of the game, others have been quick to note Rockstar’s technical prowess: “The lighting looks beautiful. This is a 2019 build and it looks phenomenal. Has that volume, dispersion, atmospheric ‘glow’ from humid air, etc.”

While the leaks have only shown a limited amount of recognizable Vice City landmarks, players have been hoping that a rebooted version would appear after Liberty City and San Andreas received the same treatment in previous games.

Another fan, CurryIsBae, echoed their passion: “Bro if that GTA 6 Clip is from 2 years ago, we’re in for a treat, it’s gonna be the best thing ever.”

Be sure to keep updated with all of the latest GTA 6 news, as more details develop.

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