GTA 6 release date outed by credible leakers but is it real?

Ethan Dean
GTA 6 release date leaks

The GTA 6 release window and even a full-blown date have been outed by a number of credible leakers who have gotten things right in the past. But just how trustworthy is the new info?

Initially reported by Metro, multiple sources have indicated that GTA 6 will be released in Q1 2025. Prospective players have been agonizing over the wait since the 2025 release window was revealed in the game’s long-awaited first trailer.

Since then, Bloomberg’s Jason Schrier has posited that the game would arrive earlier in 2025. This new information seems to corroborate that assumption with leaker JarlOfRivia’s source suggesting a release by “maybe January or February”.

Another leaker by the name of Nuro has gone the extra mile and claimed that GTA 6 will launch on February 18, 2025. It’s the veracity of these sources that needs to be scrutinized.

How trustworthy are the GTA 6 release date leaks?

We’re certainly not calling Jason Schrier a leaker but the veteran reporter has a solid nose for news and can be relied on for both information and opinion. His years of experience breaking many of the industry’s biggest stories make him arguably the most reliable source.

Particularly after breaking the announcement for the GTA 6 trailer ahead of schedule. His suggestion of Q1 for 2025 leaves a lot of room for GTA 6 to land somewhere in that three-month span.

On the other hand, JarlOfRivia is well known for having predicted the content of the GTA 6 trailer with near-perfect accuracy. Their claim for a January or February release is supposedly backed by an inside source but there’s no way to verify that with absolute certainty.

Nuro might not have predicted the GTA 6 trailer content but they did nail down an accurate release window and previously leaked shadow drops for Red Dead Redemption 2 updates ahead of time.

They have gone all in and given their bet on a full release date for GTA 6. February 18, 2025, does fall on a Tuesday however which may seem like an odd day for what analysts are calling the “most important” release in gaming history.

You can decide for yourself how seriously you want to take these GTA 6 release date leaks. Especially given Rockstar’s (and the industry at large) recent track record for delays.

At the risk of sounding too cliche, we’re taking them with a hearty grain of salt.

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