GTA 6 website update could be teasing Vice City & Project Americas rumors

Connor Bennett
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Grand Theft Auto fans have uncovered the fact that yet another website that could be linked to GTA 6 has been updated, with some believing that an announcement isn’t too far away. 

As Rockstar Games remain silent on whats going on with Grand Theft Auto 6, fans of the iconic GTA series have started looking high and low for clues.

In conjunction with a few in-game nods to the franchise’s past, as well as supposed leaks about GTA 6, signs have pointed towards a return to Vice City, with a storyline that involves the cartel and the narcotics game.

It’s been dubbed ‘Project Americas’ and it seems as if, once we finally get to play GTA 6, we’ll be thrust into a GTA story and setting that goes above and beyond what we’ve experienced before.

GTA Online character with a car and house
There have been plenty of rumors about GTA 6, but nothing official yet.

As noted, Rockstar have stayed silent on things, and so Take-Two, who publish Rockstar’s games, have fronted some questions. While they’ve said only Rockstar can give a definite answer, they’ve dropped some bread crumbs along the way.

That includes registering different websites that are linked to future Rockstar projects, with hints in the website domain names for what they’ll be about.

Most recently, following a raft of updates for websites like GTAVI and GTA6, fans noticed that one called RockstarCartel was given an update, seemingly ahead of something going live on there. Currently, though, if you go to the website, it returns a dead page.

What’s the significance of these updates? Well, as noted, some fans have pointed to them being prepped for an announcement. Others though have taken it to mean that the name, RockstarCartel, simply confirms all the leaks about GTA 6 and Project Americas.

However, there’s simply no telling what Rockstar are doing. They’ve not confirmed if GTA 6 is even in development, and it’s been left to insiders to confirm that detail. As ever with GTA 6, it’s a waiting game to see what happens next.

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