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GTA Online weekly update: FMJ, Weaponized Dinghy & exclusive discounts

Published: 25/Feb/2021 11:45 Updated: 25/Feb/2021 11:47

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games have released a new GTA Online weekly update on February 25. The changes include the Tyrant as the new Podium vehicle, Peyote Plants are now available, and various limited-time discounts. So, let’s run through the patch notes. 

As regular players of GTA 5 will be all too aware, there’s one big update every week in-game. This usually includes a number of login bonuses, boosted rewards for specific missions, featured races, and a few goodies thrown in there as well.


2021 is going to be a big year in terms of new content as well. Rockstar has already confirmed plans to roll out a GTA Online next-gen version, with a whole host of never-before-seen stuff. However, that’s all a waiting game.

Until that time, let’s see what’s been added in the most recent GTA 5 update. We’ve got the full patch notes.


GTA Online weekly update patch notes (February 25)

Lucky Wheel reward vehicle: FMJ

GTA Vehicle
Rockstar Games
The new podium vehicle for this week’s update is the FMJ.

The FMJ is featured on the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel rewards, meaning you could get it for free if your luck is in.

Which GTA 5 missions have the highest payout?

As of February 25, 2021, the GTA 5 mission with the highest payout is the Cayo Perico heist.


On top of this, players will receive two times as much cash and RP on Special Cargo Sales, DJ Missions, Stunt Races, Sumo ADV Mode (+Remix), and Simeon Contract Missions.

So, don’t forget to make the most of these exclusive bonuses while they last.


Premium Race, Time Trial & RC Time Trial

GTA online stock cars racing
Rockstar Games
Featured races in GTA Online vary from week to week.

As always, the Premium Race and Time Trials have changed this week and Rockstar has not disappointed.

For the February 25 update, the following are featured:


  • Premium Race: Boots on the Ground
  • Time Trial: Down Chiliad
  • RC Time Trial: Vespucci Canals

Log-in bonuses and new features

By the looks of it, there are no specific log-in rewards this week but players can head over to the Casino Penthouse for a member party and free drinks.

On top of this, the Weaponized Dinghy is now available to purchase for $1,850,000.

GTA Online
Rockstar Games
The Weaponized Dinghy is now available in GTA Online.

GTA 5 discounts

The following list of discounts are now active in GTA 5:

  • 60% Off: Executive Offices + Renovations
  • 50% Off: Arcade Garage, Casino Garage, Nightclub Garage, Arena Workshop Garage, Office Garages, MOC Personal Vehicle Storage, Special Cargo Warehouses
  • 40% Off: Adder ($600,000), Furia ($1,644,000 – $1,233,000), GP1 ($756,000), S80RR ($1,545,000), Zentorno ($435,000)
  • 25% Off: Vehicle Warehouses

GTA Online Twitch Prime Gaming rewards

GTA Twitch Prime Gaming
Rockstar Games
Twitch Prime Gaming rewards in GTA Online change regularly.

If you would like to claim your Twitch Prime Gaming rewards following the February 25 GTA Online weekly update, check out our exclusive guide with all of the information.

Not only can players cash in on a free Sonar Station for their submarines and free access to the Vespucci Canals Nightclub, but vehicle discounts on supercars and choppers are also available.

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