Is GTA 5 & GTA Online cross-platform? Crossplay guide for Xbox, PS5, & PC

An image of gameplay showing the GTA 5 and GTA Online logosRockstar Games / YouTube: Rockstar Games

GTA 5 and GTA Online still require Rockstar Games’ attention, even with GTA 6 in the works. Even if you’re jumping into the game for the first time and wondering whether GTA 5 includes crossplay and cross-platform functions for PlayStation, Xbox, or PC, our guide has got you covered. 

Whether you’re diving into the multiplayer mayhem-filled world of GTA Online or exploring Los Santos alone in GTA 5’s gigantic single-player portion of the game, you may still own the game on multiple platforms and want to utilize cross-save and cross-platform features.

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Whether you want to connect with friends to experience weekly updates together, or are just looking to continue your progress on another format as you wait for GTA 6, it doesn’t matter.

Here’s everything you need to know about GTA 5 and GTA Online’s cross-platform and crossplay functions.

Michael De Santa running away from an explosion in GTA 5.Rockstar Games
Crossplay is not available in GTA 5 or in its Online mode.

Is GTA 5 & GTA Online cross-platform?

Currently, cross-platform play is not in GTA 5 or GTA Online. Rockstar Games has not implemented crossplay for the title, despite this being quite a common occurrence in 2023.

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As the game has been released on various consoles over time, it’s likely that each platform would need to undergo various changes to enable every player to have a fair shot at surviving online, regardless of their preferences.

GTA 5 gameplay featuring Trevor walking away from a buildingRockstar Games
Crossplay has not been announced for the GTA title thus far.

When will crossplay come to GTA 5 & GTA Online?

There is no information as to whether GTA 5 or its online counterpart will ever receive crossplay – whether that’s to play with friends on other platforms or to be able to utilize your online character throughout all of the consoles you own the game on.

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Considering that we are so late in the game’s development cycle, and as the game is now nearly a decade old, implementation of crossplay at this stage seems unlikely.

If any new announcements are made regarding the feature, we’ll be sure to update you right here.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about crossplay and cross-platform play in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

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