Rockstar reveals GTA 6 trailer & release window early after massive leak

Ethan Dean
GTA 6 reveal trailer and release date leak

The GTA 6 reveal trailer and official release window have been released online early after a massive leak saw the first footage spill out online ahead of the global reveal.

Gamers have been patiently waiting for the GTA 6 reveal trailer since Rockstar announced it late last month. Certain GTA 6 leaks apparently originating from the son of a Rockstar employee are already in the wild.

Now the official GTA 6 reveal is live following an early leak ahead of the planned global reveal. The leaked trailer first surfaced on November 4 just hours before Rockstar’s scheduled YouTube upload was set to reveal all. Minutes after the leaked version caught fire, the publisher decided to scrap its plans and release the official version early.

First posted on Twitter by an account called Gta6trailerleak with a hideous ‘Buy $BTC’ watermark obscuring the footage, it amassed over half a million views before being taken down and overwhelmed by the official upload.

The official trailer also confirmed a 2025 release window for GTA 6.

Rockstar responds to GTA 6 reveal trailer and release window leak

Following the GTA 6 trailer and release window leak, Rockstar Games took to Twitter and revealed they had launched the official trailer early.

Many fans have expressed sentiments that the forcing of Rockstar’s hand was a massive shame for a team that has been working hard to bring this reveal to the global gaming community.

Rockstar themselves are putting on a brave face following the GTA 6 trailer leak however and appear to have taken the incident in stride.

A nonchalant post with a YouTube link was all the company needed to set the internet ablaze. The tweet has amassed 7.7 million views at the time of writing and the YouTube video has been seen more than 100,000 times in less than an hour.

According to the trailer, GTA 6 will release in 2025 and if the cutscenes and curated gameplay revealed so far are any indication, this is sure to be another Rockstar banger. As if there was any doubt.

We’ll be following the lead-up to GTA 6 very closely and if there are any major developments, you’ll find them in our dedicated GTA coverage.

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