New GTA 6 leak claims to reveal characters, story, and huge map location

Connor Bennett

An all-new set of supposed GTA 6 leaks have surfaced online, containing supposed details about characters, storyline, setting, and even how some of the missions apparently work. 

In the last few months, speculation about Grand Theft Auto VI has been more rampant than ever. Players had hoped that the game would be revealed in March, but those hopes were dashed when a Kotaku report claimed it was only in early development

Rockstar insiders offered some better news, however, with one suggesting it was more than halfway done, while another claimed that the story has long been completed. With everyone trying to bring their information to the table – be it true or false – some apparent leakers claim to have revealed a lot more about GTA 6 than ever before.

There have been a tonne of apparent leaks regarding GTA 6.

The claims were posted anonymously online, with Reddit user MrSkarKasm rounding them up and making them a little more clear. In the new supposed leak, the apparent insider claims that there are four main characters in GTA 6.

Three of these names have been revealed as Walther Wallace, Thomas Branigan, and Marcus Burke, though the fourth remains a mystery. According to this leak, each member plays a different role in the drug trade, with Branigan supposedly having a smuggling plane that is named ‘The Raven.’

Following in the footsteps of other leaks, the game is apparently set in Florida – with Vice City playing a role in a map that is “the size of GTA V & RDR2 combined.” Throughout the story, players will apparently visit a small, unnamed island in Central America.

When is this all meant to be set though? Well, this leak claims that the story would be set in the 80s but have time skips to the present day. However, the reason for this isn’t laid out.

Interestingly enough, the claims also suggest that players will be able to alter the story based on the side characters that they can choose to kill and keep alive – somewhat similar to GTA IV.

Of course, all of these leaks are unverified and anonymous, meaning we don’t know how much support you can really throw behind them. Check out the most believable GTA 6 leaks so far here.

Some Grand Theft Auto Online players have suggested that Rockstar is close to announcing GTA 6 but, we’ll just to see what they have up their sleeve moving forward.

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