Huge GTA 6 leak allegedly reveals Vice City location, vehicles, characters, weapons & more

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GTA 5 loading screen with GTA 6 logoRockstar Games

A monumental Grand Theft Auto 6 leak purportedly gives fans their first major look at gameplay of Rockstar’s upcoming title – revealing the game’s map, vehicles, characters, weapons and appearing to confirm a return to Vice City. 

Details about the massively anticipated GTA 6 have been slowly gathering pace, albeit not quickly enough for fans who have been waiting for a sequel since GTA V dropped to critical and commercial acclaim nearly a decade ago. 

While Rockstar have confirmed in the past that a sixth installment of the beloved crime series will be coming, a monumental leak – allegedly a result of internal Rockstar footage finding its way out of the company and onto the internet – has now revealed a first look at gameplay. 

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Massive GTA 6 leak appears to confirm Vice City return

Arguably the biggest takeaway from the leaked footage is that it appears to confirm a return to Vice City – the map based on Miami and Miami Beach that first featured way back in 2002. 

It had long been rumored as the setting for GTA 6 but appears to at least feature in the upcoming title, based on footage from the leak. 

One fan, zooming in on the rear of a police car from the leaked footage, noted that it belongs to the VCPD.

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While its number plates still display ‘San Andreas’, the setting for GTA V, many suggested this would simply be a placeholder and the Vice City Police Department acronym confirmed a return to the fan favorite setting. 

Elsewhere, we got our first proper look at the game’s map, which will be familiar to fans of the franchise. 

Luscious city streets are flanked by tall buildings, while weapon gameplay looks as fluid as it has ever been, with the traditional over-the-shoulder ADS returning for GTA 6. 

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The leaks also corroborate past information about a female protagonist, with footage showing an unknown female character in gunfights with police and traversing the sunny city. 

There’s also major references to equipment and weapons, with different clips showing handguns, smoke grenades, assault rifles, flashbangs and even golf balls as in-game items. 

NPC interactions strike a similarly crude and satirical tone, the likes of which we’ve more than come to expect from Rockstar and its writing. On that note, footage also showed a strip club featuring yet again, as has become a staple of the murky underworld GTA protagonists navigate. 

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Needless to say, everything featured in the leaks is unconfirmed and remains unconfirmed until Rockstar chooses to make it official. 

Much can change in the development process and, with the nature of leaks, there is very little information available about the footage’s provenance and history. 

We simply do not know when the images are from or how they fit into the developing game. 

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