Pokemon Unite best Decidueye build – Moveset, Battle & Held Items

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Mastering Decidueye’s best build in Pokemon Unite requires knowledge of its optimal moveset, Battle Items, and Held Items. Get that right, and it can be a deadly Attacker.

Decidueye has finally arrived in Pokemon Unite, allowing Trainers to take the owl-like Alola region starter Rowlet into battle and evolve it into the powerful Decidueye for some brilliant arrow-based ranged attacks.

As many players expected, the Grass/Ghost-type is an Attacker. This style of fighter has low Endurance but focuses on dealing heavy damage to your opponents, making them perfect for taking on large crowds.

Below, you’ll find Decidueye’s best moveset in Pokemon Unite, including the move path you should be following as well as the best items to take you straight to victory on the battlefield.


Decidueye on the character selection screen in Pokemon Unite

Best Decidueye build in Pokemon Unite

From the best moves to choose, through to the Battle Items and Held Items you need to take into the arena, you’ll find everything you need to know to master Decidueye below.

Decidueye moveset

Move Unlocked Upgrade
Leafage attack symbol
Leafage Level 1
Razor Leaf attack symbol
Razor Leaf Level 7 Level 11: Increases the user’s basic Attack damage the higher the opponent’s HP is.
Shadow Sneak attack symbol
Shadow Sneak Level 8 Level 13: Further decreases opponent’s Defense.
Nock Nock attack symbol
Nock Nock (UNITE Move) Level 9

At the start of every battle, Rowlet will have access to either Leafage or Astonish. You’ll get both eventually, but go with Leafage first, as it deals some solid damage and increases your Attack and Speed, helping you farm EXP and level up faster.

When you finally evolve into Decidueye, you’ll get access to either Razor Leaf or Spirit Shackle. The best option here is Razor Leaf, as it boosts both Attack and Basic Attack Speed, and lets your basic attacks attack multiple opponents for a short time after.

At Level 8, Decidueye can learn either Leaf Storm or Shadow Sneak. We’d recommend Shadow Sneak as it decreases an enemy’s movement speed and Defense while improving your own speed, leaving them very vulnerable and also allowing you to make a quick getaway.

Best Decidueye Held Items in Pokemon UNITE

  • Muscle Band: Most Pokemon can benefit from holding Muscle Band in Unite, but it’s especially good for Attackers with an Offense stat as good as Decidueye’s, increasing both Attack and Basic Attack speed.
  • Scope Lens: Another great Attack-focused Held Item for Decidueye is the Scope Lens, which increases the holder’s critical-hit rate and the damage a critical hit can do if it manages to land one.
  • Focus Band: While the previous Held Items play into Decidueye’s abilities as an Attacker, we’d also recommend Focus Band for reducing its fragility slightly and making it more durable on the battlefield.

Best Decidueye Battle Item in Pokemon UNITE

Held Item Description Max Stat Boost
muscle band
Muscle Band Increases basic attack damage. Attack +15

Basic Attack Speed +7.5%

scope lens
Scope Lens Increases critical-hit rate and damage. Critical-hit rate +6%

Critical-hit damage +12%

Focus Band
Focus Band Recovers a percentage of HP for three seconds when the user drops to low HP. Defense +30

Sp. Defense +30

Battle Item Effect Cooldown Unlocked
Pokemon Unite Battle Item Eject Button Icon
Eject Moves to a specified direction immediately. 55 Seconds Trainer Level 11
  • Eject: We recommend the Eject Button for most Pokemon in Unite, and Decidueye is no different. This is a very helpful item that allows the user to escape from difficult situations and avoid being knocked out, which is especially important for Pokemon with low Endurance and HP.

Decidueye Pokemon Unite stats

Level HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed
1 3000 125 50 20 30 3600
2 3031 130 53 22 32
3 3068 136 56 24 34
4 3112 143 60 27 36
5 3273 167 75 35 45
6 3337 177 81 41 49
7 3629 221 108 58 65
8 3721 235 117 64 70
9 3832 252 127 71 76
10 3965 272 139 81 83
11 4125 296 154 89 92
12 4316 325 172 100 103
13 4546 359 193 114 116
14 4821 400 219 130 131
15 5152 450 250 152 150

Pokemon Unite Decidueye evolution level

Trainers will start the match with Rowlet, which evolves into Dartrix at Level 5, and finally evolves into Decidueye at Level 7.

Rowlet (Level 1) Dartrix (Level 5) Decidueye (Level 7)
Rowlet in Pokemon Unite
Dartrix in Pokemon Unite
Decidueye in Pokemon Unite

How to unlock Decidueye in Pokemon Unite

There are currently two ways to unlock Decidueye in Pokemon Unite:

  • Purchase it with 10,000 Aeos Coins in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.
  • Purchase it with 575 Aeos Gems in the Unite Battle Committee Shop.

That’s everything you need to know to master Decidueye in Pokemon UNITE, but we’d encourage Trainers to experiment with different move paths and items to see what works best for them.

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