Marvel Rivals characters tier list: Best Vanguards, Duelists & Strategists ranked

Rishabh Sabarwal
Marvel Rivals cover for Tier List with Rocket

Marvel Rivals boasts a wide roster of 19 characters available currently, each with their own unique abilities. Here’s every one of them ranked.

The highly anticipated Closed Alpha Test of Marvel Rivals is presently underway, with players continuously on the lookout for codes and access to the game. Those who have access and are playing, on the other hand, are busy putting together combinations and deciding on the best team to defeat their opponents.

In Marvel Rivals, heroes are divided into three classes: Vanguard, Duelist, and Strategists. These are akin to Overwatch’s Tank, Damage, and Support. Because there are now only 19 playable characters in the CAT, gamers are already rating their preferred characters according to their abilities.

If you’re one of those, we’ve got the perfect tier list to help you choose your favorite character the next time you play Marvel Rivals.


Marvel Rivals heroes fighting
Marvel Rivals features a massive roster across three character classes.

Best Marvel Rivals characters

As a general overview, these are where we place Marvel Rivals characters across Vanguard, Duelist, and Strategist classes in the current meta:

SHela, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Luna Snow
ALoki, Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon
BMantis, Magik, Spider-Man, The Punisher, Namor, Magneto, Peni Parker
CStorm, Bruce Banner, Iron Man, Black Panther

Marvel Rivals Vanguard, Duelist, and Strategist characters ranked



Hela cover Marvel Rivals
Asgardian Goddess of Death, Hela is one of the most powerful characters in Rivals.

Hela is the most powerful duelist in Marvel Rivals. She’s got incredibly high damage at long-range, making her lethal on any map. Her primary attack where she fires Nightsword Thorns deals some heavy headshot damage to players and eliminates them in just a couple of shots.

While there’s a learning curve in using Hela effectively in a Rivals match, once you get over it, she becomes an extremely tough hero to defeat. You can turn into a Crow and instantly teleport near the enemy team to deal damage or soar into the sky where you can grab a vantage point and fire energy pulses at enemies below.

Her ultimate abilities are extremely overpowered in Rivals that can turn the tables for a team and even with lower max health than most heroes, she fulfills her role as the Goddess of Death.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch cover Marvel Rivals
Scarlet Witch’s abilities can wipe out entire teams in Marvel Rivals in a flash.

Scarlet Witch is a real glass cannon in Marvel Rivals. Despite her low defensive capabilities, she’s the most overpowered character on the roster when it comes to offense. She can deal insane amounts of close-range damage using Chaos Magic and freely fly while being invisible across the map to trick enemies.

However, she becomes a real threat to the enemy when she unleashes her ultimate ability, Reality Erasure, and wipes out an entire team in seconds, much like her overpowered self in the Marvel Universe. She summons Dark Magic unlike any other sorcerer on the roster and is an absolute meta in Rivals.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange cover Marvel Rivals
Doctor Strange is one of the best Vanguard heroes in Marvel Rivals.

As the best Vanguard hero in the game, Doctor Strange’s abilities are quite the meta that players would absolutely enjoy using. He’s a powerful sorcerer who acts as the frontline to any team and deals lethal damage to enemies using his mystical powers and dark magic.

However, his Pentagram of Farallah ability triumphs over any other ability in the game. You can open portals from and to anywhere across the map, allowing your teammates to jump through them at any point, and you can also trick enemies into an ambush if placed correctly.

You can also fly around and even summon a shield that blocks incoming projectile damage which can prove quite useful early in a match.

Luna Snow

Luna Snow Marvel Rivals cover
Luna Snow is the perfect support for those who love to heal and deal damage at the same time.

Luna Snow is the most powerful healer on the Marvel Rivals roster. She can endlessly skate around the map and continue to heal teammates in a certain area on the move.

She also fires ice shards that damage enemies that can heal an ally you select at the same time. Furthermore, her ultimate ability either buffs team damage or heals them as they’re attacking the enemy team.

With Luna Snow, you’ll always be doing something on the map either healing or damaging, and her move-set is one of the best you’ll experience during your gameplay in Marvel Rivals.



Marvel Rivals cover for Loki
Loki is the perfect hero for tricking enemies in Marvel Rivals.

Loki is one of the most interesting characters to play in Marvel Rivals, as he’s got a bag full of tricks to bamboozle players on the opposing team. His Strategist abilities can prove lethal to the enemy team, but only if the player using it has mastered Loki’s gameplay style.

There’s a learning curve before a player can perfectly put Loki’s abilities to use – like casting multiple projections of himself across the map or even copying an enemy’s powers to use against them. Regardless, Loki is quite the stellar addition to any squad that needs heroes to thwart the plans of the enemy team and lead them astray.


Star Lord cover Marvel Rivals
Star-Lord’s Element Guns are the best weapons in the game.

Star-Lord is another Duelist in the roster who’s a lethal damage dealer in the game. This is thanks to his Element Guns and jet boots that enable him to be constantly on the fly. His ultimate ability is an absolute aimbot in the game as they lock on to the enemy while you fly by and are quick to dodge some incoming fire.

Because of his awareness, Star-Lord can easily identify a weak healer of the opposing team and lay waste to them while flying above them. He’s one of those characters who can easily escape a tricky situation to survive and plan his next attack.


Groot cover Marvel Rivals
Groot is a hero you want to base the rest of your team around in Marvel Rivals.

Another Vanguard hero on the Marvel Rivals roster, Groot is used best to create walls that act as barriers to give your teammates some time to strategize their attack or heal when pressured. His healing abilities are quite underwhelming, but Groot can take incredible amounts of hits and dish out some serious damage to enemies.

While Groot’s ultimate traps enemies in a vine cluster that gives your team some extra time to deal damage to the opponents, his powers are best put to use to summon walls continuously and block enemies from charging toward your team as they strategize their attack.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon cover Marvel Rivals
Rocket Raccoon’s ability to support teammates is extremely helpful in the game.

Rocket Raccoon’s compact size is extremely fun to play with in Marvel Rivals. He carries a huge gun around which has an insane damage output. However, it works best when you’re on Groot’s shoulder and are damaging enemies on the move.

His support abilities to replenish The Punisher’s ammo and healing teammates are useful during gameplay, though he does not add much to a team’s winning chances. Regardless, if you’d like a character in your team that’s only supporting other teammates rather than staying on the offense, rely on Rocket and his brilliant tech.



Mantis cover Marvel Rivals
Mantis’ healing and abilities are a crucial support to any team.

While Mantis is primarily a healer in Marvel Rivals, her ability to absorb Life Orbs and use them to heal allies or buff their damage makes her a Strategist you’ll want by your side. What makes her powers more lethal is that you can continue to spam her shots endlessly, as they have little to no cooldown.

However, Mantis’ own damage count is not quite on par with heroes more powerful than her. Regardless of that, her role as a support hero feels satisfactory unless you don’t have an enemy team full of deadly Duelists and Vanguards.


Magik cover Marvel Rivals
Magik’s mighty sword and powers are perfect to counter sorcerers like Doctor Strange.

Magik is another sorcerer who’s an ideal Duelist, dealing deadly damage with her huge Final Fantasy 7-esque sword. She is an aggressive hero who upon dealing damage to an enemy gains health as well which is an added bonus to her playstyle.

She relies on her sword mainly for melee attacks, hence good positioning is key and that’s where her ability to summon discs and step on them becomes extremely useful for quick teleportation. Magik can escape tricky situations, but she is still vulnerable to long-range duelists like Luna Snow or Hela.


Spider-Man cover in Marvel Rivals
Spider-Man’s quick traversal abilities enable him to deal damage to enemies on the move.

While several Marvel Rivals heroes are being slammed for their lack of mobility, Spider-Man aces in that aspect. He’s incredibly fast and fun to play with, as you can swing endlessly across the map and hit enemies with a lethal blow.

Spider-Man’s abilities also trade punches between several enemies in quick succession and can web up opponents in an entire area. You’ll basically want to use him like a hit-and-run character to trick opponents.

That said, he’s not an ideal Duelist when it comes to long-range attacks. He can be effective, but only if you use cover well and get the drop on the enemy.

The Punisher

Punisher Cover in Marvel Rivals
The Punisher’s arsenal deals some serious damage.

The Punisher is one of the most tactical characters to play with in Marvel Rivals. His weapons arsenal includes a Shotgun, Machine Gun, and a Smoke Grenade (which honestly should last longer). He offers strong support to a team’s attack line as a Duelist, but he fails to outperform higher-tier heroes.

His ultimate ability however – where he deploys a turret – is incredibly fun to use as it can wipe out enemies that have just returned off spawn. He’s usable in most situations but ideal in none.


Namor cover Marvel Rivals
Namor’s mighty aquatic abilities act as perfect shields to allies.

Namor is another hero in Marvel Rivals that feels incredibly underpowered. This isn’t just because he’s a god of the oceans, but because his Aquaman-style Trident doesn’t deal much damage. However, once you’ve activated his ultimate ability and summoned some sea creatures, they work effectively together when spammed at an enemy team.

Even though Namor is not as powerful as a standalone hero, when he activates his team-up ability with Luna Snow, he’s quite lethal when using ice energy in his Trident shots.


Magneto cover Marvel Rivals
Magneto can spam his abilities to overthrow enemy forces as a Vanguard.

Magneto is an extremely powerful Vanguard who can easily take lethal hits and spam enemies with his primary attack to eliminate them in mere seconds. He can blast his abilities to overthrow the duelists on the opposing team.

He can easily close in to alter an area’s magnetic field and launch a meteor that deals catastrophic damage to the enemies there. Furthermore, Magneto’s shield can effectively block incoming fire, but reduces his mobility which falls short in some situations.

Peni Parker

Peni Parker cover Marvel Rivals
Peni Parker’s Cyber Webs and armored suit are well-rounded abilities for a team.

Peni Parker is best suited as a fragger on a Marvel Rivals team. While she belongs to a Vanguard class and boasts 600 health, thanks to her SP//DER armor, her core lies in laying traps across areas where most enemies would spawn or rotate to.

You can summon spider bots, lay mines, or even recall your last position by laying web strands just to get to a safe area when under threat. Apart from these, using Peni as a fully armed Vanguard is quite an underwhelming experience in the game. She isn’t bad, but she requires a specialized skillset to properly use.



Storm Hero cover in Marvel Rivals
Storm’s strategist abilities enable her to boost ally damage and speed.

While Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on the X-Men team, her powers and abilities are quite disappointing in Marvel Rivals. She’s a Duelist in the game, but Storm’s gameplay feels more like that of a Strategist who is mainly ideal for supporting allies and boosting their damage and movement speed in an area.

Even Storm’s ultimate ability – where she turns into a hurricane – is only effective in a specific area. That limits her mobility and speed compared to other heroes who are much quicker and deal more damage overall.

Bruce Banner/Hulk

Marvel Rivals Hulk Keyart
Hulk offers a unique experience being a Vanguard in Marvel Rivals.

Hulk is a strong Vanguard hero in Marvel Rivals with a lot of health and impressive brawler abilities. You can leap around and smash enemies in your way to make a path for your Duelists to carry out an attack.

However, his ultimate ability where he turns stronger and picks up an enemy to smash them is underwhelming, as you’re stuck for a few seconds before you can move around again. His restricted mobility is also a letdown since there’s a cooldown before you can leap higher.

While the idea of smashing everyone on the map sounds fun, it falls short when you’re actually just chasing people around to damage them and get turned into Puny Banner in the process with just 200 HP.

Iron Man

Iron Man Marvel Rivals cover
While Iron Man’s Repulsor and Unibeam promise significant damage, his TTK falls short.

Iron Man is one of the Marvel Rivals characters you’d expect to deliver as promised. However, Tony Stark’s armored self falls short when it comes to eliminating powerful heroes on the enemy team. While you can consistently fly around the map and damage opponents with your Repulsors and Unibeam, you might be vulnerable to quicker duelists like Hela or even Scarlet Witch.

However, Iron Man’s ultimate ability does release a pulse that damages enemies in an entire area significantly, but even then his defense mechanisms and time to kill an enemy are quite disappointing as compared to higher-tier heroes.

Black Panther

Black Panther cover Marvel Rivals
Black Panther’s melee abilities and quick reflexes fail against more powerful heroes.

As much as you’d want to love using Black Panther, it’s a real letdown given his melee abilities are merely useful while using his ability to mark enemies as he lunges forward at them. Even though his agility and speed are nearly identical to that of Spider-Man, his attacking prowess falls short against heroes with immense long-range damage.

As a Duelist, Black Panther fails to deliver and contribute as a teammate, however, you can still put his powers to use to strike an enemy the first time before another hero comes and finishes the opponent for you.

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