Marvel Rivals Hela guide: Abilities, ultimate, tips, more

Jeremy Gan
Marvel Rivals Hela splash art

Marvel Rivals’ closed beta is raring to begin on July 23. Since first launching, Hela has cemented herself as one of the best duelists on the roster, so here is your guide on how to play her.

As a duelist, your job is all about dealing damage – be it by poking enemies or flanking strategists to distract them from a team fight.

One of the game’s best poke duelists is Hela, as she is able to dish out massive amounts of damage with the mobility to back her up.

So, here is a rundown of everything you need to know about Hela, her abilities, and some tips on how best to play her.

Hela weapons in Marvel Rivals

As of now, Hela only has one weapon, the Nightsword Thorn. It is a hitscan weapon that deals a lot of damage but is relatively aim-intensive.


Nightsword Thorn

  • Throw Nightsword Thorns

Hela abilities in Marvel Rivals

Hela’s abilities are focused on poking from a distance or flanking, both of which she can do very well. Although she has quite the skill curve, once you get the hang of her abilities, she’s one of the best duelists around.


Nastrond Crowstorm

  • Defeating an enemy will generate a Nastrond Crow, exploding after a certain duration

Hel’s Descent

  • Hold [space] to fall slowly


Astral Flock

  • Transform into a flock of Hel crows to glide forth, press again to undo the transformation

Soul Drainer

  • Project an explosive Hel sphere to stun nearby enemies

Piercing Night

  • Fire Multiple Nightsword Thorns that detonate after a delay


Goddess of Death

  • Soar into the sky and unleash Nastrond Crows from each hand at will
Marvel Rivals Hela Ultimate
Hela’s ultimate is a strong ability but leaves you a sitting duck in the air

Tips to play Hela in Marvel Rivals

The number one thing to keep in mind when playing Hela is that your potential to dish out the most damage is the highest in any lobby, be it through flanking enemies or poking them from behind your Vanguard.

Thanks to her Nastrond Crowstorm passive, every time she gets a last hit on an enemy, their body explodes dealing AOE damage. We don’t generally recommend kill-stealing, but in Hela’s case, try to do it as much as possible as it will only help out your team.

Also remember that Hela has Astral Flock, which means she is suited to flanking from behind, getting a kill, and disengaging quickly – something worth taking full advantage of.

Hela’s weak point is her ult, Goddess of Death, as she will be stationary through it. Although she receives an extra 800 HP, you will still be a sitting duck, so make sure you use it at the right time during a team fight.

It should be noted that Hela has quite the skill curve to her, as a lot of her abilities do require good aim mechanics and timing, and it is crucial to be able to land headshots with her primary fire as that’s where most of her damage comes from.

If you’re confident in your mechanics, pick Hela, but if you feel you aren’t the sharpest but still want to pick her up, it’s to put some work into it.

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