Marvel Rivals Doctor Strange guide: Abilities, ultimate, tips, more

Jeremy Gan
Doctor Strange reveal splash art in Marvel Rivals

When it comes to team compositions in Marvel Rivals, Vanguards are important, and throughout the Closed Alpha, players are already realizing Doctor Strange is one of the best with great utility to help out their teammates. 

So here is everything you need to know about Doctor Strange, his abilities, and some tips on the best way to play him in Marvel Rivals. 

Doctor Strange weapons in Marvel Rivals

Doctor Strange’s weapon, the Daggers of Denak, is a very simple attack that does projectile damage in bursts. 


Daggers of Denak 

  • Cast Daggers of Denak forward

Doctor Strange abilities in Marvel Rivals 

Doctor Strange’s abilities are best suited to help your teammate, with a portal to teleport teammates around the map to a shield that can save your team. 


Price of Magic

  • Dark Magic accumulates with every hit on an enemy. If Dark Magic is not released, Doctor Strange will enter Anti-Heal. 


Cloak of Levitation 

  • Ascent and then enter a brief state of sustained flight

Maelstrom of Madness 

  • Release Dark Magic to deal damage to nearby enemies

Pentagram of Farallah 

  • Open portals between two locations, enabling all units to travel through them 

Shield of the Seraphim 

  • Create a protective barrier against damage 


Eye of Agamotto 

  • Separate nearby enemies’ souls from their bodies. Damage dealt to their Souls is transferred to their physical bodies
Doctor Strange using his ult in marvel rivals
Doctor Strange using Eye of Agamotto

Tips to play Doctor Strange in Marvel Rivals 

The number one thing to remember playing as Doctor Strange is that you are the one who sets the tempo and positioning of the team as you are on the frontlines. 

Pentagram of Farallah is a great ability to not only reposition your team to a more favorable spot but to also engage into enemies with an unexpected teleport. 

Your shield too is a great way to gain space and walk up to enemies as you can become a bullet blocker long enough for your team to potentially take space. This also goes for Duelists playing with Doctor Strange, if yours has their shield up walking and taking space, capitalize on it. 

His ult too is a great tool to combo with other high burst damage ults in the game, namely Scarlet Witch’s Reality Erasure, to almost instantly win a teamfight.