Marvel Rivals Rocket Raccoon guide: Abilities, ultimate, tips, more

Jeremy Gan
Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Rivals

Marvel Rival’s second wave of early access is approaching fast in its closed beta, so here is all you need to know about one of the game’s best Strategists, Rocket Raccoon.

When it comes to Strategists, the name of the game is backing up your team in any way possible. Be it by healing them up, giving them a buff, or even dishing out CC to enemies to help your teammates finish them off.

One of the better Strategists in the game is Rocket Raccoon, who has a kit designed to help out the entire squad. So, here is everything you need to know about him, his abilities, and some tips on how to play.

Rocket Raccoon weapons in Marvel Rivals

Rocket Raccoon’s weapons are simple. His primary fire is a simple gun, and his secondary is a projectile that heals. These are the main avenues of healing and damage to the character.


Bombard Mode

  • Fire energy projectiles that deal damage

Repair Mode

  • Shoot bouncing spheres to heal allies

Rocket Raccoon abilities in Marvel Rivals

Rocket Raccoon’s kit is filled with abilities to help out your team, be it through a revive beacon or an AOE damage buff. Even his team-up abilities with certain characters make him a great Strategist.


Wild Crawl

  • Hold [space] to run on a wall

Flying Ace

  • Hold [space] to fall slowly


Jetpack Dash

  • Dash forward

B.R.B – Battle Rebirth Beacon

  • Deploy a Rebirth Beacon that revives a fallen ally and periodically produces armor packs and rocket jet packs


C.Y.A – Cosmic Yarn Amplifier

  • Deploy a Cosmic Yarn Amplifier that grants allies a Damage Boost
Marvel Rivals Rocket Raccoon using ult
Rocket Raccoon’s C.Y.A is a fantastic ult, just as long it doesn’t get destroyed

Team-up Abilities

Old Friends

  • Rocket Raccoon can ride on Groot’s shoulders, receiving Damage reduction

Ammo Invention

  • Rocket Raccoon throws an Ammo Overload Device in the target direction. Upon entering the device’s range, The Punisher receives the buffs of infinite Ammo and Faster Firing.

Tips to play Rocket Raccoon in Marvel Rivals

The biggest tip we have when it comes to playing Rocket Raccoon effectively is to place your utility in good positions. His ult, C.Y.A, the B.R.B, and Ammo Invention can be destroyed, which means enemies can easily erase any value from it.

So, make sure to either place it right around corners or behind terrain. However, keep in mind that your teammates will still need to have it in their line of sight to get its effects.

The other main thing about Rocket Raccoon is to watch out for coordinated dives, as he is a very easy target with not a lot of movement abilities for getting away. Always either be near allies or be ready to make your escape at a moment’s notice.

Out of all the Strategists, Rocket Raccoon synergizes well with many other characters, especially The Punisher. The ability to give him infinite ammo and a faster fire rate make him a much more viable character, especially if your Punisher has great aim.

It should be noted that for as good as Rocket Raccoon’s utility is, he is quite mechanically reliant on you, as you’ll need to have good aim and resource management to play him well. So, if you aren’t confident, make sure to take some time to practice.