Call of Duty 2024: Early leaks, concept art, Warzone 2.0, Treyarch & more

Call of Duty 2024 artworkActivision

Although it’s still early days, details surrounding Call of Duty’s 2024 release are beginning to slip through. There’s a lot that’s unclear, but details like developer, concept art and Warzone 2 may just come into focus. Here’s everything we know about CoD 2024. 

Modern Warfare 2 dropped back on October 28, 2022, with many expecting a two-year life cycle for the first time in the CoD series’ history.

That’s now been shrouded in mystery, with Activision promising a “full annual premium release” in 2023 and industry figures maintaining it’s another year of MW2 content.

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While the lack of clarity around CoD 2023 to some degree obscures CoD 2024, here’s everything we know about the latter.


modern warfare 2 screenshotActivision
We still need to get through Modern Warfare 2 before attention shifts to 2024’s release.

Call of Duty 2024: Release window details

Given we’re well over a year out, it’s too early for any specific release date to be locked in. However, the CoD franchise has always released new entries in the final quarter of each calendar year, so it’s safe to assume the 2024 title will drop at some time in fall; most likely October or November 2024. 

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14 previous CoD games have landed in November while the remaining five (including this year’s MWII) all dropped in October instead. Thus, the tail end of 2024 is more than likely when we’ll get our hands on the next major game in the series.

What platforms will Call of Duty 2024 release on?

Microsoft’s historic move to purchase Activision Blizzard has cast doubt on the future of the CoD series, especially on PlayStation.

We’ve seen promises from Microsoft’s Phil Spencer that, at least in the short term, Call of Duty instalments will remain available on PlayStation consoles. As of the time of writing, the attempted takeover by Microsoft is still up in the air and facing multiple hurdles.

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Regardless, we expect Call of Duty 2024 to drop on all the usual platforms: Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Xbox Activision Blizzard merger graphicActivision / Xbox
Microsoft’s historic bid to acquire Activision Blizzard could impact the future of the CoD franchise.

Which Activision studio is developing Call of Duty 2024?

Although nothing has yet been made official, early reports from Bloomberg pinpointed Treyarch as the developers behind CoD 2024. 

It fits with the expected order of games, with Treyarch’s last game, Black Ops Cold War, dropping back in 2020. It has also been corroborated by leaks that claim a new Treyarch-developed Warzone 2.0 map will drop with CoD 2024.

Reportedly, Treyarch were set to develop CoD 2023 but Activision reshuffled their development plans, moving Sledgehammer Games onto an expansion of MW2 which is now being marketed as a full annual release in the series.

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Resultantly, Treyarch look to be taking the lead on CoD 2024.

Call of Duty 2024: Possible setting & timeframe

As with every new CoD release, the setting in focus is often one of the biggest talking points. From classic boots-on-the-ground gameplay in a WWII backdrop to futuristic, jet-pack-fuelled gameplay, we’ve seen it all. So where will CoD 2024 take us?

While no exact details have been confirmed, the first batch of leaks appears to have referenced the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia. 

Earlier reports from industry insider Tom Henderson went against these leaks, claiming that “Treyarch’s next game is semi-futuristic.” Other rumors have pointed to the Iraq War of the early 2000s. 

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In short, the conflicting details make an accurate prediction at this stage impossible. A link to the Black Ops series, if only in name, seems likely based on their track record to this point.

Call of Duty 2024: Early leaks

Years out from its potential launch, CoD 2024 leaks hit the web from as early as July 2022. Dataminers managed to uncover a range of early concept art for the upcoming project, amusingly enough, through files found in Warzone Mobile’s early test applications.

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Two particular pieces of said concept art seemingly revealed new maps in the works for Treyarch’s next title. One by the codename ‘Stealth’ and the other referred to as ‘Pillage.’

The former shows a US military base under siege with what appears to be a Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber emerging from a hangar. The latter shows a ransacked mansion with extravagant chandeliers juxtaposed by fallen debris and shattered furniture.

They have since been deleted and, needless to say, all leaked details are unconfirmed.

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A game’s development can change massively and, with two years still to elapse, there’s no telling if what’s being planned now will even make the final game.