How many maps will Call of Duty Black Ops 6 have?

Daniel Appleford

Call of Duty Black Ops 6’s release date is coming up, and with it comes a new set of maps to explore. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming maps.

Maps in Call of Duty have been heavily debated throughout the franchise’s history. Whether or not the map is viable for competitive, if the map fits 6v6, and how many lanes the maps have are all important aspects.

With the game not releasing until October 25, 2024, little is known about the maps, such as their names or locations. However, we do know how many maps there will be, which also gives us an insight into what the next year will look like.

How many maps does Black Ops 6 have?

At launch, Call of Duty Black Op 6 will have 16 maps. These 16 maps will be divided into two categories: 12 of them will be Core 6v6 maps, and the remaining 4 will be Strike Maps.

Strike maps are small maps accessible for both 6v6 and 2v2 game modes. Meanwhile, the core maps won’t support 2v2.

The names of these maps have not been revealed at the time of writing, but they’re all confirmed to be original maps as of now unlike MW3’s approach of re-using old map layouts.

However, Treyarch will likely bring back some fan-favorite maps from older titles like they did in Black Ops Cold War. Some examples of this would be Nuketown or Raid, which are some of the biggest maps in Treyarch history.

As more updates and seasons are added to Black Ops 6, additional maps and remastered versions of older maps will come.

There’s a lot more coming to Black Ops 6, such as 12 new Operators, a Vault Edition, and a revamped version of Zombies.

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