Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Release date, platforms, trailers, everything we know

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Modern Warfare 2 2022 cover art

Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 is fast approaching and we’ve got a full look at all there is to know. From a release date to upcoming game modes and even campaign details, here’s a rundown of every early detail.

Each and every year, one thing has long been a given in the gaming industry: A new Call of Duty title will be released. While that trend may finally be nearing its end, 2022 is still business as usual for the franchise. Following on from Vanguard by Sledgehammer Games, it’s Infinity Ward’s turn once again this year.

Given that the CoD series is seemingly taking a rare year off in 2023 when it comes to the mainline release, the pressure is really on 2022’s game. Not only to deliver in the short term but to also keep players satisfied during the break.

From an expansive multiplayer offering and a globetrotting campaign, to brand new combat mechanics and gameplay changes, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Here’s everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022 release date

Modern Warfare 2 will finally launch on Friday, October 28, 2022. This continues the annual trend of new CoD titles releasing in the final quarter of the year.

As usual, players will likely be able to pre-load digital versions of the game before jumping in right away as Modern Warfare 2 unlocks around the globe.

Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 platforms

Modern Warfare 2 is officially set to release across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Battle.Net, and Steam.

modern warfare 2 green and white soldier key art
Modern Warfare 2 is set to launch across both previous-gen and current-gen hardware.

Currently, there’s no telling what advantages the latest systems may enjoy over more dated consoles. From FPS boosts to improved graphics, anything is possible. Though, it is worth noting that previous-gen versions may come with one distinction: leakers have implied Modern Warfare 2 could ship on multiple discs for the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Moreover, prominent Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson has suggested this may be the last title supported on previous generation consoles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022 Beta

Continuing the yearly tradition, Modern Warfare 2 is now confirmed to have an Open Beta period ahead of launch. However, exact dates are yet to be confirmed.

What we do know is that by pre-ordering any edition of Modern Warfare 2 on any platform, you can guarantee yourself early access to the multiplayer Beta. Furthermore, those on PlayStation are set to receive “at least 5 days” of exclusive hands-on time before other platforms join the action.

For a full rundown on how to play in the upcoming test, be sure to brush up on our full Modern Warfare 2 Beta guide.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022 trailers

Reveal Trailer

After months of anticipation, the reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 2 was finally revealed on June 8 following a handful of early teasers.

Mith Metallica blaring in the background, this reveal trailer provided our first look at Modern Warfare 2’s campaign in action. Throughout, we see members of Task Force 141 carrying out a range of operations around the world.

From intense action-driven setpieces to the more stealth-based night missions we’ve seen in previous entries, a wide variety of combat opportunities were present in the trailer.

Dark Water Level Gameplay Trailer

Next up came a deep dive into the Dark Water campaign mission during Summer Game Fest 2022.

Set on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, this mission showcased Task Force 141 in action as they methodically took control of the site, swiftly eliminating any foes that stood in their way.

Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 logo reveal

Our first official reveal of CoD 2022 hit social media on April 28. Infinity Ward shared the official logo for its upcoming release, confirming the title of Modern Warfare 2 in the process.

Given the title is a direct sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare, the logo bears resemblance to the previous ‘MW’ style. This time around, to help distinguish from the 2009 game with the same name, roman numerals feature in the logo, rather than the standard ‘2.’

Modern Warfare 2 editions & how to pre-order

Modern Warfare 2 is set to launch with two separate editions. The Standard Edition will run you $70, while the Vault Edition comes in at $109.99.

Modern Warfare 2 editions
A full look at the exclusive items available in Modern Warfare 2’s Vault Edition.

Pre-ordering either guarantees access to the upcoming Beta, while the Vault Edition also brings a range of exclusive goodies as listed below:

  • Red Team 141 Operator pack
  • 4 Operators: Ghost, Soap, Farah, and Price
  • FJX Cinder – First-Ever Weapon Vault
  • Battle Pass (1 Season) + 50 Tier skips

For more on how to pre-order Modern Warfare 2, be sure to check out our full guide here.

Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 campaign details

As a direct follow up to Modern Warfare (2019), Modern Warfare 2 focuses on the now-assembled Task Force 141 comprised of Price, John ‘Soap’ MacTavish, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, Kyle ‘Gaz’ Garrick, and Kate Laswell.

Throughout the single-player experience, we’ll be jumping into the shoes of these different characters as they take the fight around the world. From the first explosive mission as Soap to a more stealthy second level as Gaz, we’re sure to go through a range of distinct encounters.

We also know to expect more advanced vehicular combat than anything seen thus far in the franchise. Whether it’s repairing damaged trucks or climbing out onto the roof of a car, gameplay is set to be more chaotic than ever.

Will there be a Zombies mode in Modern Warfare 2?

Quickly putting an end to any speculation, Infinity Ward devs have made clear that Modern Warfare 2 will not feature a Zombies component.

“There will be no Zombies,” devs confirmed in conversation with VentureBeat.

From traditional round-based modes to the controversial Der Anfang experience in Vanguard, Zombies fans have run the gamut in recent years. Though expectations should certainly be kept in check for now. We may not hear about anything on the CoD Zombies front until the reported standalone project rears its head in late 2023.

Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 modes

The first new mode confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 is an evolution of the Gunfight playlist referred to as Knockout. This new spin on the formula has teams fighting with a limited number of lives. The aim of the game is to either eliminate your opponents in each round, of control a package when the timer runs out.

Moreover, a previously leaked Rainbow Six Siege-inspired mode is also in the works. Known as Prisoner Rescue, this unique mode boasts a more tactical approach to round-based combat.

Rather than going in guns blazing, teams first have to strategize around two hostages on the map. Players have access to new gadgets, traps, and can even use cameras to scout the opposition.

Modern Warfare 2 NVG picture
Modern Warfare 2 is sure to include most classic multiplayer modes, along with some fresh additions.

Little else is known about specific game modes set to arrive in Modern Warfare 2. However, one early leak has suggested this new Escape From Tarkov-esque playlist is currently in development.

“The objective of the mode is to accumulate loot within several separate maps, before successfully extracting,” one source claimed.

The Tarkov style mode, known as DMZ (Demilitarized zone), has allegedly been in development for quite some time. CoD leaker Tom Henderson said that DMZ has “been in some form of development since early 2018 (so technically 4.5 years by the time it releases)”, making it one of the most ambitious modes to coincide with a new installment.

With a 20-35 player count, this new Call of Duty project will seemingly be an independent gaming experience, akin to Warzone at the moment.

DMZ supposedly has four unique maps in development. A key point noted by prominent insider ‘TheGhostOfHope’ is that these maps will be exclusive to the DMZ mode. Therefore, don’t expect to see them in Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer component.

“All of these maps differ considerably in design. Some are catered for open-world, others are more concentrated and dense,” the insider claimed.

Modern Warfare 2 gameplay
Teams will take turns Attacking and Defending in a new Rainbow Six Siege-inspired mode.

While this DMZ mode will reportedly launch in Beta to begin with, a unique marketplace is expected to release alongside this initial testing phase. In this marketplace, players can supposedly ‘buy and trade’ unique items like Operator skins, weapon blueprints, and more.

Items earned or purchased through the DMZ mode or marketplace can then be used “across multiplayer and eventually Warzone 2,” early leaks claim.

Currently, it’s unclear just when to expect this DMZ mode. While early reports hinted at a release sometime in 2023, new claims have highlighted late 2022 as the more likely option. If this is indeed the case, CoD fans could be in store for Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2, and this third offering all within the span of a few weeks.

Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 maps

Highrise in Modern Warfare 2
Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare 2 had some iconic maps, some of which could be making a return.

In this year’s new CoD entry, maps are being divided into three separate categories. Core Maps are typical 6v6 designs. Battle Maps are larger spaces fit for the likes of Ground War. While large Battle Maps are the biggest on offer.

Thus far, just five maps have been revealed for Modern Warfare 2. Three traditional multiplayer maps along with two Battle Maps for more sizeable playlists. You can take a full look at every confirmed map right here.

Beyond these confirmed additions, it’s also safe to expect a number of returning maps from previous titles.

Tom Henderson claimed in an eXputer article that he had been able to confirm a number of classic maps from the 2009 Modern Warfare that will show up in the 2022 version.

They were:

  • Highrise
  • Terminal
  • Quarry
  • Afghan

He didn’t elaborate on whether or not these four will be the only returning maps, and there’s no doubt plenty of others that fans would love to see.

Supporting these early leaks, Call of Duty General Manager Johanna Faries acknowledged the rumors during Summer Game Fest 2022. While she didn’t outright lock in the return of Highrise, mentioning it by name is all but confirmation at this point.

There will also be a host of new maps, which we’ll catch a glimpse of when Infinity Ward gives us our first in-depth multiplayer reveal. Although no further details have been made official, a supposed list of map names recently made waves online.

28 codenames in total were made public, ranging from ‘Action Park’ and ‘Narcos’ to an ‘Esports Gym’ location.

As always, take these leaks with a pinch of salt until we see confirmation from the developers.

Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 leaks

Before Call of Duty Vanguard was even released, it already appeared as if we knew where 2022’s title was headed. Leaks dating back to September teased ‘Project’ Cortez as a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2019.

Based on the earliest leaks, players would supposedly join US special forces in fighting a “covert war against Colombian drug cartels,” according to a report from VGC. This campaign was allegedly set to ‘feel like’ Red Dead Redemption 2, with brutal realism, gore, and unique death animations. Tom Henderson from the VGC expanded on this take, highlighting “sophisticated” A.I. present in Modern Warfare 2, adding that they’ll be tougher than ever before.

“If you shoot them in the arms or the legs, they’ll lose their limbs. If you shoot them in the chest, they might not necessarily die straight away,” Henderson said in a breakdown of the game’s dismemberment mechanics.

However, this proved not to be the case once Modern Warfare 2 was officially unveiled in June. We now know the campaign is a direct follow-up to Modern Warfare 2019, following Task Force 141 through a globetrotting story.

Modern Warfare 2 gameplay
We know for certain that early leaks are inaccurate as Modern Warfare 2’s reveal trailer showcased missions around the globe.

Five classic Modern Warfare maps are reportedly in development for the 2022 release including Favela, Terminal, Highrise, Shipment, and Quarry as mentioned above. These classic maps were allegedly due to return in a remastered version of Modern Warfare 2’s (2009) multiplayer, but this was ultimately cut and saved for 2022’s reiteration.

Other leaks have mentioned that the brand new multiplayer maps will feature a “brighter aesthetic” than 2019’s game, which was dominated by desert environments. Rumors also claim players will be able to select 4 perks as opposed to the standard 3, with Last Stand returning as a Field Upgrade.

Modern Warfare 2 Warzone integration

It has been confirmed that Infinity Ward is currently developing Warzone 2 alongside its next main game.

The sequel to the CoD battle royale is expected to drop sometime at the tail end of 2022, shortly after Modern Warfare 2’s release. From gameplay innovations and engine upgrades to a full new arsenal of weapons and equipment, integration with Warzone 2 is sure to provide a fresh experience.

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