Leaks reveal CoD 2022 will be sequel to Modern Warfare 2019

call of duty 2022 modern warfare sequel project cortez leaksActivision

With Call of Duty: Vanguard primed to release, CoD 2022 leaks are arriving, revealing that CoD 2022 is internally known as “Project Cortez” and is slated to be a Modern Warfare 2019 sequel.

If you’re a CoD jetpacks fan or a Call of Duty League pro player, this might not be an article you want to keep reading. With Vanguard’s release under a month away, industry insider Tom Henderson has revealed some details about the franchise’s 2022 installment.

Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare released with Warzone in 2019, then Treyarch released Black Ops Cold War in 2020, and Sledgehammer Games are leading the pack for Vanguard in 2021 (built on MW19’s engine).

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Now, following NVIDIA GeForce NOW leaks, Henderson claims 2022’s title will be a sequel to MW19. Interesting news, given how successful yet divisive the game was among the community.

Originally, people noticed a number of unreleased, formerly undisclosed games using a testing page for NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Among those was a new CoD title: “Project Cortez — Activision Blizzard — Infinity Ward.” 

This information has since been corroborated by Henderson, who explained that the franchise’s 2022 title is internally known as “Project Cortez” and that it is “expected to be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019.”

MW2019 sequel campaign details leaked?

A report from VGC that came out shortly after the above leak also gave players some details regarding what to expect in the 2022 Call of Duty title. They said: “According to people with knowledge of Activision’s plans, Modern Warfare’s sequel will include a campaign involving US special forces fighting a covert war against Columbian drug cartels.”

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While this isn’t a lot to go off of, it does give us some insight into where the campaign and multiplayer are headed.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bugs Microtransactions With LogoActivision
Modern Warfare 2019 was a very popular title among casual players.

Overall, MW19 was possibly the most successful CoD title ever, as the game’s release with Warzone has earned millions upon millions of players. The gameplay mechanics, like movement and gunplay, are widely beloved — but pro players weren’t pleased with a number of aspects.

Namely, CDL pros largely dismissed mechanics like doors and weapon mounting, while also questioning the game’s spawns and map pool.

So, if you’re one such disgruntled pro or simply someone hoping for a return to the jetpack era of CoD, Project Cortez might not be exciting news. For millions of players though, it’s a chance to improve upon what was a beloved title.

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