CoD MW2 introduces “massive” changes to movement systems & vehicles

. 27 days ago

Whether it be slide-canceling, tactical sprinting, or even opening doors and windows — movement in Call of Duty can be a very contentious topic. Modern Warfare 2 is adding a few exciting movement changes and a few revolutionary vehicle additions into Warzone. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) introduced groundbreaking movement adjustments such as tactical sprinting and slide canceling.

Both additions were met with criticism from the community and it seems as though Modern Warfare 2 is adding a few movement additions of its own.

MW2 will also introduce massive vehicle changes into Warzone that are sure to excite longtime veterans.

Modern Warfare 2 Soap
John ‘Soap’ Mactavish is back in action in Modern Warfare 2.

Modern Warfare 2 Movement additions

Ledge Hang

  • Modern Warfare 2 introduces a new feature that allows players to peek with pistols when hanging off of a ledge or when climbing up a ladder.
  • Ledge hanging also applies to helicopters, as you can jump onto a helicopter and pull yourself up.
  • If you miss a ledge while parachuting, you can also pull yourself up.


  • Players can swim in Modern Warfare 2 and use pistols and throwing knives under water.
  • There is also a dive mechanic that allows players to escape and there are traversal maneuvers in the water.
  • If the water is shallow enough, vehicles can drive land through water.
  • Land mines that are deployed in the water will float with the waves and have the capability of destroying boats.

Warzone Vehicle Changes

warzone attack helicopter
helicopters are one of the many vehicles in Warzone.

Vehicle Gameplay

  • A new feature allows players to lean out of the windows of a vehicle and even the driver can lean out with a weapon equipped.
  • Climbing on rooftops of vehicle is coming to Warzone.
  • Players can knock off doors, hoods, bumpers and can blow out tires, which will result in vehicle handling changes.
  • Tires can be repaired and vehicles can be refueled at gas stations
  • When vehicles are destroyed they no longer disappear from the map.
  • Trophy Systems have been reworked so they can stick to vehicles.

Helicopter Troop Carrier

  • The Helicopter Troop Carrier is essentially the truck in Warzone that has a back area to walk around freely on but in the air.

Amphibious Vehicles

  • Vehicles won’t blow up when you hit the water. Vehicles will instead float for a while and then start to go under.

Call of Duty MW2 officially releases on October 28, Make sure to follow our Modern Warfare 2 Hub for all of the latest updates.

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