Modern Warfare II leaks outline new Rainbow Six Siege-inspired game mode

Modern Warfare 2 cover art with Rainbow Six SiegeActivision / Ubisoft

Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare 2 will allegedly feature a Rainbow Six Siege-inspired game mode fit with unique roles, gadgets, and even the ability to ‘fortify’ an area. Here’s how the potential mode works, based on early leaks.

CoD Vanguard may have only just released but plenty are already looking towards this year’s Modern Warfare follow-up from Infinity Ward. While it’s still many months out, details from the project codenamed ‘Project Cortez’ continue to spill out online.

Early leaks have touched on everything from “brutal realism” in the campaign to an ambitious playlist that takes after Escape From Tarkov. Now, further details have emerged from prominent CoD leaker ‘RalphsValve,’ claiming that yet another unique mode is in the works for Modern Warfare 2.

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This time, the alleged mode appears to take inspiration from the popular Rainbow Six Siege. With a round-based structure, players take turns filling unique roles, attacking and defending objectives, all while using traps and cameras to their advantage. Here’s how it supposedly works.

Rainbow Six Siege sledgeUbisoft
CoD 2022 will allegedly take after Rainbow Six Siege with new fortifications, roles, gadgets, and even traps.

Simply referred to as ‘Attackers v. Defenders,’ this mode splits players across two teams before custom roles are decided. There’s no telling exactly what most roles entail, though one player on each side is supposedly locked in as the Team Leader.

The goal for Attackers is to complete a certain objective before the time limit expires. Meanwhile, Defenders must “methodize a plan to slow down or entirely halt the Attackers.”

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This can be achieved through a number of features brand new to the CoD franchise, according to the leaks. Similar to Rainbow Six Siege, Defenders can lay traps, keep themselves hidden, and even use cameras around the map to scout attacking players.

Moreover, teams even have the ability to ‘fortify’ certain areas. With destruction allegedly “playing a major role,” these fortifications could be key.

On top of the new features, an expanded health system also appears to be in effect. Depending on how much damage you absorb, you could find yourself in one of three conditions: “Minor, Critically Injured, and Mortally Wounded.”

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Once Defenders are knocked out of a round, they’re gone for good. But Attackers on the other hand, have ‘Tourniquets’ to help their injured allies.

Once again similar to Rainbow Six Siege, and even battle royale Warzone in this regard, reviving plays a role in the new Attackers v. Defenders mode.

Warzone reviveActivision
A new health system could be exclusive to this Attackers v. Defenders game mode.

Obviously, plenty can change throughout the course of development. There’s always a chance this mode never even sees the light of day. But early leaks hold true, it could be yet another big component in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer offering.

A release date hasn’t yet been announced for the CoD title yet. Before we get to the Modern Warfare 2 reveal, be sure to brush up on everything we know.

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