CoD leaker claims Modern Warfare 2’s campaign will feel like Red Dead 2

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Call of Duty leaks are already coming out for CoD 2022: a rumored sequel to Modern Warfare 2019, named Modern Warfare 2. And a new intriguing report suggests that the game’s campaign could feel like Red Dead Redemption 2.

While CoD hasn’t always been the most realistic game around, it has toed the line between arcade shooter and true military simulator. And it seems that 2022’s rumored Modern Warfare II will follow in the steps of 2021’s Vanguard — with relentless realism.

Vanguard, set in World War 2, is expected to be a brutal, gory experience that reflects the realities of warfare. Pushing past that foundation, new leaks claim the 2022 iteration of Modern Warfare II will take that realism a step further.

In Red Dead 2, the morality of players’ actions affects how the story progresses and how they are treated. A newly cited leaker, ‘RalphsValve,’ claims this sort of system is coming to CoD in MW2 2022’s campaign. 

Modern Warfare 2 set to feature morality system like Red Dead 2

As explained by Ralph, MW2’s campaign will have a “‘Moral Compass’ system, analogous to Red Dead Redemption 2’s ‘Honor System.’” This, in combination with the game’s rumored emphasis on realism, would make every choice made in the campaign feel more impactful.

With Ralph’s thread covering ‘convulsive’ death animations and ‘squirming’ gore, a brutal picture is painted for the next CoD title’s environment. Red Dead 2 is universally beloved for its campaign, making it a likely exciting source of inspiration for story mechanics.

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Red Dead Redemption 2’s campaign earned award-winning recognition.

Of course, nothing is confirmed at the moment and all leaks are entirely speculative. Vanguard releases on November 5, so you can be sure that Modern Warfare 2 won’t be ready for a while.

The current rumors are interesting, though. If CoD wants to lend gravity to the campaign, then working with a morality system like Red Dead 2’s would be an intriguing way to do so. We’ll most definitely be keeping an eye out to see if more information becomes available (or, eventually, confirmed).