Modern Warfare 2 leaks claim classic Black Ops & Sledgehammer maps will come as DLC

MW2 logo on Firing Range and Fringe CoD mapsActivision

Fresh Call of Duty leaks claim a ‘greatest hits map pack’ will drop in Modern Warfare 2’s life-cycle, allegedly bringing a host of the series’ most popular environments to Infinity Ward’s 2022 title.

Maps are always a major topic in the Call of Duty community, with well-designed, fast-paced, and enjoyable maps a shortcut to player enjoyment. 

While Modern Warfare 2’s maps – at least those we saw in the multiplayer Beta – received praise from the player base, the return of some of the series’ most popular maps will always be welcomed. 

Previous leaks have suggested a host of maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 will return but new information, from reputable leaker TheGhostofHope, suggests maps from a host of past titles will return. 

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CoD leaker reveals ‘greatest hits’ map pack coming to Modern Warfare 2  

On 4 October, the leaker claimed that part of the celebrations for 20 years of Call of Duty will see a ‘greatest hits map pack’ drop during year two of Modern Warfare 2. 

Although it has not yet been confirmed by Activision, rumors have circulated that MWII will become the first CoD game to get a two-year life-cycle. 

The map pack allegedly features maps from games developed by all three studios, rather than just Infinity Ward. It means maps like London Docks, Nuketown, Firing Range and Fringe could all return in Modern Warfare 2. 

However, the map pack is allegedly being developed as paid DLC, rather than a free expansion pack for all players. 

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The news will disappoint some, but it does align with previous map packs that brought back fan favorite environments like Black Ops III’s Zombies Chronicles. 

Despite the impressive track record of the leaker, it’s worth taking these leaks (and all leaks) with a pinch of salt. Much can change in the development process and as such, the map pack remains unconfirmed until officially announced by Activision. 

Regardless, the potential for a return to some legendary CoD maps in Modern Warfare 2 will certainly raise fan anticipation.