Modern Warfare 2 introduces new equipment to support variety of play styles

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Modern Warfare 2 has officially been announced, and the reveal has been and gone, with details starting to seep out about what to expect in the next installment of the Call of Duty franchise.

With the expansion of equipment and Field Upgrades in recent CoD titles, MW2 looks set to add even more.

Looking to change up gameplay and offer something fresh for Call of Duty players old and new, a number of new items are coming to MW2.

Discussing with developers Infinity Ward, we found out about the new equipment coming to the game.

New equipment in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 NVG pictureActivision
Modern Warfare 2 is bringing in a bunch of new equipment to completely change up the game.

Here’s the new equipment coming to MW2, as well as what they do — but note that this list may not be exhaustive, and there could be more once the game officially drops.

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Tactical Camera

  • Throw a Tactical Camera up on a wall, hop in, and look in it to find opponents
  • Can place multiple across the map and switch between them
  • If a player moves in front of the camera, it sets off an audio notification
  • If you are manning the camera, you can ping enemy players for your teammates

Drill Charge

  • Throw a Drill Charge on a wall, and it will shoot grenades through the wall that then detonate once inside
  • Throw it on a vehicle and it’ll Drill Charge the vehicle, killing everyone. It doesn’t destroy the vehicle, however.


  • With this EMP device; your HUD tells you if there are vehicles and equipment you can hit with it. It sends out an EMP pulse, stalling equipment, and vehicles.
  • If your vehicle gets DDOS’ed while driving, you get a button prompt to restart the engine of the car

Inflatable Decoy

  • A Kevlar dummy, it acts like a car airbag, going off when an enemy walks by it
  • You can also manually deploy your Inflatable Decoy
  • Acts likes a Proximity mine decoy: when someone gets closer, it’ll pop up and auto-orients to them
  • Also works in water
Modern Warfare 2 fireActivision
MW2 is guaranteed to offer some brand new gameplay to the CoD franchise.

With this whole range of new equipment coming to Call of Duty, the gameplay is going to be considerably different if they’re utilized properly.

Items like the Tactical Camera could be hugely influential, especially in modes like Search and Destroy where having enemy intel is paramount to winning.

How exactly they’re implemented remains to be seen — they could be Field Upgrades or Tactical Equipment, but either way, they’re bound to switch things up quite significantly.

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